our mission

A carbon neutral future

We make fighting climate change simple, cost-effective, and accessible for everyone.

We love shopping — But it’s a huge contributor to climate change. Everyday in the U.S. alone, online orders travel about the same distance as going to the moon and back ...133,000 times!

EcoCart is here to help. Every time you shop at one of our 10,000+ partner stores, we’ll automatically offset the environmental impact of your order. Plus, you’ll earn EcoPoints that you can use for gift cards or to make an even bigger impact on the planet.

The best part? EcoCart is always FREE.

Our community impact

4+ million

Ibs of CO2 offset


trees saved


homes powered

Our business

We will never sell your data. We’re in the business of saving the planet, not violating your privacy.

We earn a commission when you shop with our 10,000+ brand partners, and then use it to fund certified carbon offset projects on your behalf.

With EcoCart, you don’t have to choose between helping the planet and shopping at your favorite stores.