About EcoCart

We exist to empower both businesses and consumers to fight back against climate change, one e-commerce order at a time.

Businesses choose EcoCart to easily integrate carbon offsetting into their checkout process and automate their sustainability efforts.

Our Story

By e-commerce brands, for e-commerce brands

While running an e-commerce marketplace for outdoor gear, we realized businesses (just like people) need to stand for something that matters to them.

Online shopping has transformed retail. Unfortunately, it’s also helping change the environment, and not for the better. Having an order conveniently delivered to your doorstep is one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

But being a sustainable business is expensive and complex. Our small business couldn’t survive with the costs required to become a carbon neutral brand.

We searched far and wide but couldn’t find a simple way to reduce our environmental impact without breaking the bank. So we set out on a journey to bring sustainability to online businesses just like us with a single click.
Today, the EcoCart team provides a convenient and free solution for e-commerce brands of all sizes to make sure the planet stays cool and clean for generations to come.


Our purpose

A 100% carbon neutral future

We exist to empower everyone to make big changes with small efforts so that we can all do our part to preserve the only planet we have.

Our mission

Make sustainability a no-brainer

We’re on a mission to make fighting climate change simple, cost-effective, and accessible for everyone.

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