Carbon Neutral Shipping Option

Free e-commerce plugin to add carbon neutral orders to your online store.

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Amavara added EcoCart Shopify plugin to its e-commerce store

Install &

Install the EcoCart Shopify app in minutes. Customize to fit your brand's look and feel.

EcoCart website with information about the Tri City Forest Project, a carbon sequestration project

Carbon Neutral Orders

Offset the unique carbon footprint of each order by donating to certified carbon offset projects.

EcoCart Shopify app with sustainability metrics dashboard that helps businesses become more sustainable

Track & Share Impact

See your impact in real-time on your EcoCart analytics dashboard.

The new checkout standard

Today’s eco-conscious consumers demand a way to shop without harming the planet. EcoCart aligns your values with your customers’, and leads to increases in brand loyalty and cart conversion.

Are more likely to trust a company that supports environmental causes
Are more loyal to a company that supports environmental causes
Have a positive image of a company that supports environmental causes

Since installing EcoCart, the majority of our customers have been adding the Carbon Neutral option to cart, and we've had great feedback from folks that love that we have this option.”
— Julia McCraken, Co-founder

EcoCart tells e-commerce user that their order has been made carbon neutral at checkout

Enhance your brand

Aligning with a cause is the most important thing you can do for your brand. EcoCart delivers a simple, seamless way to do just that.

Create positive experiences

Your customers will see you care about the planet at the most important step in their shopping experience. You’ll see increased retention and lower cart abandonment.

Siete foods uses EcoCart to donate to a forest protection project through environmentally friendly shipping
EcoCart, an app available on the Shopify app store, has a donation project to prevent pollution

Save the planet

Become a sustainable business in minutes. Combat climate change by contributing to alternative energy, forestry, and other carbon offset projects.

How much does it cost?




1-2% of cart total

Get started with EcoCart

Add carbon neutral orders to your online store to attract and retain the next generation of eco-conscious consumers — all at no cost to you!

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