Can I choose a specific carbon offset project to support?

Yes! Support the project that inspires you most. We’ve scoured the globe and selected 3 of the most impactful and diverse projects we could find for you to choose from. In your EcoCart browser extension, just click the leaf in the bottom right corner and select the account tab where you can select your project.

Here’s a little more about the 3 projects:

Forest Protection in Massachusetts: You can support the protection of a spruce forest spanning three cities and over 6,500 acres. In addition to sequestering a significant amount of carbon emissions each year, this forest is home to countless local species and also provides clean drinking water to the surrounding cities. Learn more

Water Purification in Cambodia: You can help provide clean water to over 1 million people living in Cambodia. By filtering water instead of boiling it over a wood burning fire, these purifiers prevent 90,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and protect 450 hectares of Cambodian forest every year. Learn more

Renewable Wind Energy in Turkey: You can support the construction of new wind turbines to generate clean energy in Kayseri, Turkey. Before the introduction of wind power, the primary contributors to this local grid were power plants that burned fossil fuels. Learn more

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