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Nuzest sees cart conversion soar by 22% after installing EcoCart and giving customers the option to make their orders carbon neutral.

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Tribe Kelley

Tribe Kelley boosts cart conversion by 19% by adding EcoCart to their checkout flow for their made-in-the-USA apparel.

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Adding EcoCart has been one simple step towards a healthier planet for Wildway’s brand.

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Partnering with EcoCart to offset the carbon footprint of their customers' orders and be a more sustainable brand.

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Simbly sees AOV skyrocket 38% after demonstrating a commitment to the planet with EcoCart

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“EcoCart has improved our conversion rates, enabling us to grow our business and impact on the planet.”

“So many of our customers have commented on how happy and excited they are that we have EcoCart.

“A no-brainer for most of our customers… the majority have been adding the Carbon Neutral option.”

“We highly recommend EcoCart. We have been up and running for a month or two now, and the response has been amazing.

“EcoCart has been a fantastic way to start our journey towards sustainability!...We've been able to transition to a carbon neutral status with ease!”

“We're thrilled to offer EcoCart to our community, and further integrate sustainable and regenerative practices into our business!”

“We requested the funds be used for a local UK project which EcoCart found and set up for us. Very helpful and very efficient.”

“This app has been fantastic to take the next step for sustainability for my business.”

“We really love the app, the projects they support and the team behind it.”

“The embedding of donation box was flawless. I needed help and the team got it done right away.”

“Awesome way to help our planet and our business. Customer service is outstanding!”

“I've been looking for an app like this for ages and I'm glad I was able to find it.”

“Flawless customer service and every single purchase in the last 3 days since installation added the carbon neutral option and increased my conversion rate at the same time. 5/5 Highly recommend.”

“Great app, works very well and encourages customers to think about their carbon footprint.

“We love this concept, and had a great experience setting it up... great service and quick replies!”

“Really great app and helped with any adjustments we requested...Fabulous customer service, super responsive!”

“I'm not good with technology at all, but this app is so easy to use and install. Simple, clean, and helps the environment!”

“We are doing carbon offsetting as a company, but weren't involving the customer in that. EcoCart makes it easy for customers to be a part of the story, and our customers are loving it.”

“In this era this app should be a must... Keep up the good work.”

“We are a sustainability focused brand so partnering with EcoCart was a no brainer.

Easy to use and very quick to install!...I'm glad to allow customers the option to make their order carbon neutral!”

“The install was easy and my customers love making their orders carbon neutral!

“This was one of the few options that provided true customer-facing customization, along with a great back-end dashboard with statistics and analytics...We compared the competitor apps, but EcoCart regined supreme. Highly recommend!”

“We are so happy with our partnership with EcoCart! Not only did they help us kick-off our sustainability initiatives, but they have also been a joy to work with.”

“Our customers have left product reviews mentioning how much they liked the carbon neutral feature.”

“Our customers LOVE EcoCart!...It makes them feel good to offset their carbon footprint and to be able to give back.”

“Easy to use, and it's nice to know that I can do a little bit of good.”

“I wanted to contribute to something like this for years, but could never find an easy solution...Love that you can switch between customer contributions, or making them on our own.”

Amazing response from customers and I can't wait to share with my community the impact we all made through EcoCart!”

“Great customer service!...Will definitely be adding this app to more of my clients websites”

“Great app that's totally aligned with what we live and breathe at littlewine.co”

Our customers love it. It was easy to install, and provides excellent and fast support. Highly recommend.”

“The best part is after I lamented a lack of Canadian Projects on their roster they added one of my suggestions. Now my Canadian customers, buying Canadian products can carbon offset by planting trees in Canada!”

“We are thrilled to be part of EcoCart's efforts to make the world a better place for everyone and to appreciate and heal the earth.”

“EcoCart was so helpful in tailoring the app to our online store needs and quick to answer our questions.”

“Amazing app for a great cause. Best part was the support of the EcoCart team who helped us the entire way to get the look/feel of the app on our website as we wanted.”

“I would recommend this app to any brand looking to make a positive impact on the environment...the impact feature is a great look for email blasts.

“10/10 recommend EcoCart. When I had a question about EcoCart within my store I got a response before I finished a cup of coffee, 5 star customer service. I wish more places I personally shop at provided the option of paying a little extra to make my orders carbon neutral.”

“Very responsive & we love the eco-cause!”

“Very easy to install and very appreciated by customers.

“Easy to install and over 50% of our customers are using it to make a difference. Would highly recommend.”

“This app was AN AMAZING CHOICE TO ADD TO MY SHOP! I love the idea behind it and the meaning of the app.”

“This company is amazing and aligns with my values and thoughts for our business!”

“A lovely, simple-to-use app with great support...It's a wonderful addition to our site and we are so glad we went with EcoCart.

“We are really excited to be able to offer a carbon neutral shipping option to our customers. Our our experience has been phenomenal!”

“EcoCart is exactly what my brand needed...and it also resonates well with our audience.”

“The team has been incredibly hands-on in helping to implement the features into our theme...we're thrilled with EcoCart from start to finish.

“Awesome concept that aligns very well with our company! Was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to install it and customize it to our shop.”

The interface is beautiful and versatile. Love the whole idea which aligns with our brand's values.”

Excellent app, excellent support... looks great in the Checkout page and aligns well with our environmental values.”

“Easy to use and the team was so helpful...You definitely won't regret downloading this app!”

“Nothing to lose from installing, but a whole lot to gain.”

“Simple. Transparent. Easy to use and install.”

“Fantastic app and incredible customer service...It's a fantastic option which I think all stores should integrate!

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