Getting Started

1) Follow this link to install EcoCart on Chrome.
2) Click on Add to Chrome and then Add extension in the pop up window.
3) Create an account with an email/password, or with one-click using Google or Facebook

4) That’s it! Now just shop like normal and you’ll be able to make your online orders carbon neutral!


After installing EcoCart on Chrome, you’ll need to pin EcoCart to your toolbar – this way, you can see when we’re working hard to make your orders carbon neutral and when you have rewards to redeem.
  1. Click on the Extensions icon (it looks like a puzzle piece) in the upper right-hand corner of your toolbar.
  2. Click the pin button to “pin” the EcoCart extension to the toolbar.
  3. Voila! Now you’ll see the EcoCart plane logo when you have rewards to redeem.

To make sure you earn your EcoPoints, we need to validate your purchase by communicating with the store where you made your transaction. Certain ad blocker settings prevent us from doing so.

If you’re finding trouble using EcoCart alongside your ad blocker, simply disable your ad blocker while you shop and re-enable it once you’re finished.

We’re constantly adding new stores that support sustainable shopping. If you’re looking for a particular store, let us know and we’ll get them on board! Just click the contact us button in the bottom right of the screen, or write to us at


EcoCart offers a few ways to find stores that support sustainable shopping. With the extension installed, you can:

  1. Just shop like normal and EcoCart will notify you when you’re in a store that supports carbon neutral shopping.
  2. When you search for stores on Google, participating stores will say “Shop Sustainably” next to the website name.

Or you can browse participating stores in the extension by clicking on the EcoCart plane icon on Chrome. You’ll see stores that are offering the most EcoPoints on the home tab and stores that are trending with other EcoCart users on the search tab. Or you can search for stores by name on the search tab.

Getting Started

How to use the EcoCart browser extension


EcoCart is a free browser extension that offsets the environmental impact of your online orders so you can shop sustainably. We partner with thousands of stores that you love to offer free carbon neutral shipping. All you have to do is download the EcoCart extension for Chrome, create an account, and start shopping.

While you’re searching on Google, look for “Shop Sustainably” next to participating stores…

…or just let EcoCart notify you when a website you’re visiting supports carbon neutral shopping. Click the big green “make my order carbon neutral” button and your order will have a net-zero impact on the planet! It’s that easy.

Enjoy all the stores you love, rest assured that your online orders are not leaving a carbon footprint. You’ll earn EcoPoints that can go toward eco-rewards and gift cards.



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