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What does it mean to be carbon neutral?

What does it mean to be carbon neutral?

Carbon neutral means producing no net release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, this is mostly accomplished by carbon offsetting projects, like planting and protecting trees.

Why it's important to be carbon neutral

For the planet

Being carbon neutral is an important aspect of sustainability as we all work to leave the world a better place than we found it.

For your brand

It’s what customers want. Consumer sentiment has been changing; more and more consumers are actively looking for brands that care about the environment. Nearly ⅔ of consumers want sustainable brands.

Certified by EcoCart

When certifying a company, EcoCart takes a 4-step approach:


With a rigorous verification process, we scour the globe for projects that are legitimately reducing carbon pollution.

We confirm the science and financials, making sure each project meets the toughest requirements of the world’s major carbon standards — including the United Nations.


EcoCart projects don’t just slow climate change, but also have a positive impact on local communities and animal habitats.

By working closely with project developers, we ensure that each program is stable, sound, and capable of doing good for both people and the planet.


We can’t depend on the promise to do good. We need to see it in action.

By carefully tracking the emissions reductions of each project and sharing that information with our customers, we give the EcoCart community greater certainty that what they see is what they get.


EcoCart generates a carbon impact report for all of your customers’ carbon neutral orders which can be viewed in real time.

Shoppers can view the carbon impact of their order and details of the specific offset project used. EcoCart goes a step further and packages all these insights and transparent reporting all within the EcoCart Dashboard.

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"So many of our customers have commented on how happy and excited they are that we have EcoCart."


"EcoCart has improved our conversion rates, enabling us to grow our business and impact on the planet."


"A no-brainer for most of our customers… the majority have been adding the Carbon Neutral option."

Benefits of being Certified Carbon Neutral by EcoCart

Great for the planet

With e-commerce only growing, it’s important now more than ever that we work to make it more sustainable.

Boost Brand Value

EcoCart’s customer dashboard puts all you need to know in one place so you can easily integrate and share your impact across multiple consumer touch points.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers are loyal to and advocate for brands that share the same values as them. By showing you care about sustainability and the planet, customers will recognize that and will grow increasingly loyal.

Increase Cart Conversion

Easily incorporate the EcoCart checkbox into any point of your checkout flow. It’s 100% customizable to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Sustainability Strategy Customized for your Brand

We’re committed to you and the planet

Live Support

Our team will be there every step of the way, helping provide any and all materials and collateral for marketing activities.

Customize your impact

We help you create custom designs to incorporate carbon neutrality across your customer experience with live impact counters, impact pages, badges, marketing, and more.

Free solutions

Free Technology solutions that help you get the most out of being a carbon neutral business.

You Can Afford It

Reducing your carbon footprint and being more sustainable is often viewed as an expensive, complicated luxury few can afford. The reality is carbon offsetting is much more practicable and accessible than you might think. Brands can start slow, by offsetting their carbon emissions for an average of …. Carbon offsetting is a great way for companies to move toward zero carbon emissions - whether it’s the first step or the final one, it’s one of the most important (and easiest).


$0.20 / pair

Making an average pair of shoes creates about 20lbs of CO2e

6-pack of soda

$0.12 / pack

Making an average 6-pack of soda creates about 10lbs of CO2e


$0.10 / stick

Making an average lipstick creates about 5lbs of CO2e

Flexible options for every brand’s sustainability initiatives

Not sure where to start? EcoCart works with your brand to help curate an offsetting program to match your needs and help you grow on your sustainability journey. We can help you offset shipping, manufacturing, and operations.

Ready to take the plunge? EcoCart provides a 100% carbon neutral option for brands who are ready to go all-in.

No matter where you’re at on your journey, each option has its own unique icon and certification you can leverage.

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