Ecocart vs. Cloverly

See why thousands of merchants are choosing EcoCart to offer their customers a sustainable shopping experience while boosting brand loyalty, increasing conversion rates, and building sustainability into their brand’s identity.

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What’s the difference between EcoCart and Cloverly?

Brands choose EcoCart to take their sustainability initiatives to the next level. EcoCart takes sustainability a step further—beyond just offsetting shipping, EcoCart can also calculate and offset the manufacturing component of your products’ lifecycle. With EcoCart, you’ll be making a bigger impact in your journey to carbon neutrality.

Why this extra step matters—for your brand and the environment

Shipping emissions represent only a small portion of an entire e-commerce orders’ lifecycle, and generally amount to 10-30% of our calculations’ emissions output. Our database and research has been built out from hundreds of white-papers, industry-specific life cycle analyses, and research from premier institutions and it drives the manufacturing emissions estimate of our solution.

Why EcoCart offers the best carbon offsetting experience

EcoCart provides the best, most comprehensive, carbon offsetting experience—for your brand, and the planet.

We work closely with our brands to get a deep understanding of their carbon footprint

Our image recognition and machine learning capabilities enable us to arrive at a more precise estimate

We provide a white glove service to help incorporate sustainability throughout your entire customer experience

We maximize impact with a transaction fee of $0.03 - $0.15, whereas others are $0.25, no matter donation amount

We are an enterprise solution AND we make it incredibly easy to integrate for SMBs with no coding required

Who's talking about EcoCart

More than a checkbox at checkout

EcoCart is more of holistic sustainable shopping experience than just a checkbox at checkout, which is the main focus of our competitors. We work with our brands to incorporate EcoCart into many customer touchpoints, providing support each step of the process.

Build a community

Boost your product

Encourage checkout

Build a community

Boost your product

Encourage checkout

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This was one of the few options that provided true customer-facing customization, along with a great back-end dashboard with statistics and analytics...We compared the competitor apps, but EcoCart reigned supreme. Highly recommend!

Tribe Kelley

Tribe Kelley boosts cart conversion by 19% by adding EcoCart to their checkout flow for their made-in-the-USA apparel.

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Nuzest sees cart conversion soar by 22% after installing EcoCart and giving customers the option to make their orders carbon neutral.

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  • No code, drag and drop implementation
  • Create sustainability touch points across the customer experience (not just at checkout)

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