How do you find the emissions of digital products?

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the internet and all the digital products you love like Google, Netflix, and Instagram carry a carbon footprint. Computers, smartphones, and screens all run on electricity, which is generated from a variety of carbon-emitting methods including coal, natural gas, and petroleum. The servers and infrastructure that support everything we do on the internet emit greenhouses gases too. For instance, watching a video emits approximately 0.2 grams of CO2 every second and sending an email emits 4 grams of CO(54 grams if you add an attachment). A lot has to happen to get that video stream to you or to deliver that email to its final destination—that requires energy, and where there’s energy there’s usually greenhouse gases.

TL;DR it takes a whole lot of power to support all the servers, computers, and components that make up the world wide web we all rely on every day. 

A number of purely digital products are offered to you at net zero carbon emissions through EcoCart. We evaluate each of these platforms individually to determine their unique carbon footprint to offset the emissions of you streaming a video, signing up for a credit card, and other digital activities.

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