I’m missing EcoPoints

When did you make your transaction? EcoPoints could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to show up on your balance. If it has been 7 days and you still aren’t seeing the right number of points, reach out to us at hello@ecocart.io or by clicking the “contact us” button on the bottom right of the screen.

Are you logged into your EcoCart account? EcoPoints will only be visible if you’re logged into your EcoCart account. Check this by clicking the EcoCart plane icon, then check to see if your EcoPoints balance shows up at the bottom of the menu. If it does not, that means you need to log in by clicking the leaf icon and choosing your login method. 

Did you make a purchase from a site that offers EcoPoints? EcoCart is not available on every website under the sun, so you’ll only earn EcoPoints and rewards from sites that offer carbon neutral shopping. When in doubt, click on the EcoCart plane in your browser to see if the website you’re on qualifies.

Did you click the “Make my order carbon neutral” button? Before you checkout, you need to activate EcoCart by clicking the big green button that pops up on your screen.

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