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Saint Nikola Wind Farm

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Saint Nikola Wind Farm is located in the municipality of Kavarna, Bulgaria. This project was initiated and is operated by AES Geo Energy Ltd. This project consists of a new electrical substation and 52 Vestas V90 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 3MW. The use of renewable sources will improve the use of local energy resources. The Saint Nikola Wind Farm is expected to reduce an average amount of 244,224 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year and has reduced over 2.6 million tons of carbon so far. The electricity produced by the 52 turbines of Saint Nikola Wind Farm in 2020 equals the annual electricity consumption of over 95,000 Bulgarian households. This project contributes about 22% of the total installed electricity generation capacity from wind power in Bulgaria. In recognition of the high standards maintained during the development and construction of Saint Nikola project, AES Geo Energy Ltd received two awards: the 2008 ” Sustainable Energy Deal of the Year” Prize from EMEA Finance Magazine, and the “Investor of 2009” in the Energy Sector by the Bulgarian Investment Agency for Production of Electric Power from RES.


Million Metric tons of carbon reduced
Local homes are powered by the energy produced


  • Produces renewable energy that can take the place of fossil fuel consumption.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of the region since reliance on fossil fuels is reduced.
  • By producing electricity from a renewable energy source, this project contributes to the sustainable, socio-economic development of the region.



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