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Swiss Biogas Plants

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This project protects against climate change and helps to build a more secure energy supply system in Switzerland. Swiss farms produce large amounts of manure, harvest residues, and other organic waste. If these materials are stored in open containers, greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide are released into the atmosphere. All of these contribute to climate change. Farmers can use methane to generate renewable electricity by way of a biogas digester. There are 11 biogas plants that take part in this program, which reduces fossil fuels and mitigates greenhouse gas emissions. Swiss ISO Biogas promotes innovative farmers and contributes to a decentralized energy supply system in Switzerland. Recycling methane in the agriculture industry enables both the production of green energy and the prevention of harmful greenhouse gas emissions from composting. Not only is the polluting effect of manure reduced, but so is the odor from fertilizing with untreated manure. Farmers also save money as the by-product of the digester is a rich natural fertilizer, so they don't need to buy artificial fertilizers. Overall, this biogas farming system switches farms to a lower intensity of soil-use, positively impacting field fertility and local wildlife.


Metric tons of carbon are reduced per year
Biogas plants produce clean electricity


  • Prevents the release of greenhouse gases by reducing the amount of methane and other greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Supports innovative farmers with leading technology and fosters sustainable local value chains.
  • Produces clean energy that is able to be used instead of burning fossil fuels fossil fuels for energy.



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