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TONTOTON Ocean Plastics Removal

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TONTOTON collects and recycles low or no value plastic that is often ignored. The project operates currently in 3 locations in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, Hon Son island, and Phu Quoc Island. TONTOTON’s program gives workers more income opportunities as they get to recover all forms of plastic, instead of just high-value materials as well as getting additional debris out of the environment. All rescued plastics are sent to a co-processing facility to generate Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials (AFRM), preventing the possibility of them ever becoming marine litter


carbon emissions by providing AFRM
safer oceans for marine life


  • Reduces plastic in oceans, which reduces landfilling and reduces CO2 emissions, which combates climate change, and preserves ecosystems.
  • The workers of TONTOTON receive above-average pay and basic health insurance.
  • The project provides education and guidance to local governments to build waste management infrastructure.



TONTOTON is the first organization to receive the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification, an independent standard of Zero Plastic Oceans. Under the Ocean Bound Plastic Certification, Control Union, a 3rd party control body, will control their activities to ensure full compliance with the standard.


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