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Prairie Pothole Grasslands

Prairie Pothole Grasslands

Avoiding the conversion of these mosaic grasslands to agricultural use provides criti…

North Dakota, USA
Avoided Conversion of Grasslands

Mai Ndombe

The Congo Basin Rainforest is one of the most important forests to protect when comba…

DRC, Africa
Forest Conservation

Global Improved Livelihoods Projects

This curated portfolio contains a variety of carbon offset projects that help improve…

wind farms

Global Sustainable Infrastructure Projects

This curated portfolio contains multiple sustainable infrastructure carbon offset pro…

Hydroelectric Power

Tri-City Forest

The Tri-City Forest sprawls over three cities in Massachusetts: Holyoke, Westfield, a…

West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Forest Protection

Garcia River Forest Project

The Garcia River Forest project is located on California’s North coast in Mendocino C…

Mendocino, California, USA
Forest Protection

McCloud River Conservation

The McCloud River project is located 20 miles southeast of Mt. Shasta in Northern Cal…

Shasta County, California, USA
Forest Management

Chestnut Mountain

Situated on over 5,600 acres of land in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, the C…

Sparta, Tennessee, USA
Forest Management

Doe Mountain

Located in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, Doe Mountain is an improved forest…

Mountain City, Tennessee, USA
Forest Management

Afognak Forest Protection

The Afognak improved forest management project takes place on Afognak Island in Alask…

Afognak Island, Alaska, USA
Forest Management

Laos Water Purification

In Laos, a study found that 86.3% of people had e. coli in their household drinking w…

Champasak Province, Laos
Water filters

Brazil Compost

Located in Brazil, this project reduces 12,600 tons of carbon dioxide each year, or 1…

Santa Catarina, Brazil

Sidrap Wind Farm Project

Sidrap Wind Farm is located in South Sulawesi and consists of 30 wind turbines with a…

Sulawesi, Indonesia
Wind Farm

Myanmar Mangroves

Only 16% of the original mangrove forest remains on the Myanmar coastline. Human acti…

Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar
Wetland Protection

Honduras Cookstoves

In Honduras, traditional open-fire cooking is wasteful, dirty, dangerous, and slow. T…

Fuel-efficient Cookstoves

El Ejido Forest

The Ejido Forest project in Mexico aims to mitigate environmental impacts caused by f…

Puebla, Mexico
Forest Management

Bajo Calima y Bahía Málaga

The Bajo Calima y Bahía Málaga (BCBM) project is an avoided deforestation project on …

Buenaventura, Colombia
Forest Management

Myanmar Cookstoves

Based in Myanmar, this project works to provide fuel efficient stoves to replace trad…

Fuel-efficient Cookstoves

Chad Solar Cooking

Eastern Chad houses refugees from the war in Darfur and these CooKit solar cookers ar…

Wadi Fira, Chad
Solar Cookers

Saint Nikola Wind Farm

Saint Nikola Wind Farm is located in the municipality of Kavarna, Bulgaria. This proj…

Kavarna, Bulgaria
Wind Farm

Swiss Biogas Plants

This project protects against climate change and helps to build a more secure energy …

Biogas Plants

Heating and Cooking in China

This clean cooking and heating project helps people from the Shanxi, Hubei, and Guizh…

Shanxi, China
Fuel-efficient Cookstoves

WWF Mamize Firewood-Saving Cookstoves

This project is located in South China’s Sichuan province and provides families in th…

Sichuan Province, China
Fuel-efficient Cookstoves

Hudson Farms

Covering over 3,600 acres in northern New Jersey, Hudson Farms is one of the largest …

Northwest New Jersey, USA
Forest Management

Amazon Rainforest Protection

90% of Brazil’s Acre state is forested, but current rates of destruction mean by 2030…

Acre, Brazil
Forest Conservation

Fortaleza Ituxi Amazon

Located in the municipality of Lábrea in Amazonas, Brazil, the Fortaleza Ituxi projec…

Lábrea, Amazonas, Brazil
Forest Conservation

Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

The project works to link small patches of remnant vegetation and nature reserves in …

Southwest Australia

Global Forestry Projects

This curated portfolio contains a variety of forestry-based carbon offset projects-fr…


Gola Rainforest

The Gola Rainforest National Park was established to better protect the 70,000-hectar…

Kailahun, Sierra Leone
Forest Conservation

N2O Abatement

Adipic acid is a white crystalline solid used in the manufacture of synthetic fibers,…

Cantonment, Florida, USA
Nitrous Oxide Emissions Control

Household Biodigesters in India

This project reduces methane emissions by transitioning families in rural areas of Ma…

Maharashtra, India

Hydropower in Brazil

This project produces clean energy by way of hydropower. The project supports the con…

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Hydroelectric Power

Great Bear Rainforest

The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project covers more than 14 million acres in British Col…

British Columbia, Canada
Forest Conservation

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