5 Eco-Friendly Skincare Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for you to show your mom (or any other similar figure in your life) how much you appreciate them! Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be difficult, or harmful to the environment. Instead of flowers that will wilt within a few weeks, or trinkets that won’t get used, consider these eco-friendly skincare products that your mom will use often and love.

MERIT Shade Slick Vegan Tinted Lip Oil – Sephora

Unlike standard lipsticks, this lip oil hydrates and colors lips! It comes in four colors and is vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free. Additionally, Sephora’s stores, distribution centers, and offices are run completely on renewable energy, as part of their dedication to sustainability and protecting the environment.

The 3-Step Skincare Routine – Glossier

This cleanser, moisturizer, and skin salve set comes from Glossier! Glossier’s products come in shipping containers made from 100% recycled content with minimal packing material and are produced cruelty-free.

Hydrating + Revitalizing Sheet Mask Set – SOKO GLAM

Soko Glam is a Korean skincare brand that utilizes natural and eco-friendly ingredients like tea tree oil, willow bark, and aloe in their products. These sheet masks soothe, firm, and smooth out skin, in a variety of lovely scents such as olive and berry!

Clarins Total Eye Lift Eye Cream – Ulta Beauty

This eye lift cream from Clarins is made with a blend of Organic Harungana extract and Cassie Flower wax, tightening the skin and smoothing wrinkles. Clarins is committed to sustainability, and reached carbon neutral in 2020! They also ensure that their products have eco-friendly packaging, respect biodiversity, and follow Fair Trade practices.

Apothecary Wild Rose Night-Brightening Sleeping Facial – KORRES

Using a combination of vitamin C and wild rose extract, KORRES’s overnight facial cream improves dull, uneven, and tired skin. Korres’s goal is to make natural products from pure botanicals, with the cleanest ingredients possible (for the planet and your skin too!). This facial cream is suitable for vegetarians, comes in recyclable packaging, and was made cruelty-free!

This Mother’s Day, you can give amazing and eco-friendly gifts! Skincare products that are cruelty-free, derived from natural ingredients, and stray away from the use of artificial substances are safer and healthier for the environment. It’s a win-win!

In addition to all these products being amazing for the skin, and better for the environment, they can be purchased carbon neutral with the EcoCart Chrome extension. When you install EcoCart for Chrome you can offset the carbon footprint of your purchases! EcoCart offsets the carbon emissions created from shipping your orders at over 10,000 online retailers. EcoCart works by supporting projects that actively reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere (and it’s free to use!).  As you shop online just click the big “make my order carbon neutral” button when it pops up, and you don’t need to do anything else but focus on finding the best gift for your mom.