5 Fashion Brands That You Can Shop Carbon Neutral With

In the era of the internet, shopping has never been easier. You can shop for a whole wardrobe and have it sent straight to your door from your phone! However, while it’s super easy to get your orders brought straight to you, it can take a toll on the environment. Whether it be a package from the other side of the world or speedy same-day shipping, transporting packages creates a lot of carbon emissions. Last-mile delivery is expected to increase carbon emissions by 30% by 2030.

Next time you want to buy some new clothes, you might want to consider shopping from brands that will ship your orders carbon neutral. Being carbon neutral simply means that these brands have offset the emissions created from shipping your order by supporting projects that help remove carbon dioxide from the air

For example, they might support a forest protection or ocean cleanup project. These carbon offsetting projects help communities and ecosystems around the world, all while reducing our planet’s greenhouse gases! Here are 5 fashion brands that will make your orders carbon neutral.


Modern and innovative shoe brand Atoms has always made sustainability a part of its business model. Co-founders Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali, after months of hard work and research, designed comfortable and affordable shoes that people could wear anywhere. Atoms’s simple but comfortable shoes are 100% vegan, 99% recyclable, and have completely omitted water waste and pollution from the dying process. On behalf of all of their customers, they offset the carbon emissions from shipping every order!

Monday Swimwear

Monday Swimwear is a women’s swimwear brand known for their iconic feminine designs and high quality clothing. Their original and timeless styles promote body positivity and contribute to slow fashion and environmental movements! Monday Swimwear works with organizations like the Wildlife Conservation Society, One Tree Planted, and Ocean Conservancy to help protect our planet and promote sustainable business practices, creating a model for future businesses to follow. To further their sustainability initiatives, they provide their customers with the ability to ship their orders carbon neutral as a way to give back and support our planet.

Baxter & Bonny

Baxter & Bonny curates high quality sunglasses and other environmentally friendly products in a variety of categories. Their brand has always been focused on the planet; besides purchasing carbon offsets on behalf of all their customers, Baxter & Bonny provides recyclable packaging and carries eco-friendly brands that utilize sustainable energy, recycled materials, and more.


Goodfair is a clothing brand dedicated to giving existing items a second life. They’ve created a unique online thrifting marketplace with hundreds of items rescued from going to the landfill. By shopping second-hand, customers can reduce waste, cut down on the need for low wage factories, and eliminate pollution from fast fashion. Goodfair has also added a carbon neutral option to their checkout to empower their customers to ship their orders carbon neutral and further their sustainability initiatives!


Even children’s clothes can be eco-friendly! Meet Babysoy, a brand dedicated to making sustainable and comfy children’s clothing using soy protein fiber. Babysoy has made dozens of baby clothes basics using simple but elegant colors and designs while using fiber extracted from leftover soy pulp. Besides their use of sustainable and natural materials, the brand integrated a carbon neutral option into their checkout to allow customers to ship their orders carbon neutral and make their purchase even more eco-friendly.

By shipping orders carbon neutral, these brands and many more have been able to help reduce the carbon emissions on our planet and help move towards a greener future! Through EcoCart, brands like these help support projects like the Tri-City Forest Project, which helps to protect thousands of acres of forest in Massachusetts.

For shoppers looking to shop more responsibly, install the free EcoCart Chrome extension, which lets you automatically offset your purchase at thousands of online stores! EcoCart features thousands of fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle, and other brands. Through the extension, all you need to do is press a button to offset the carbon emissions from shipping your order.

Looking to add or further sustainability for your brand? Consider offering carbon neutral orders with the free EcoCart e-commerce plugin. The EcoCart plugin can help you (and your customers) offset the carbon emissions from orders, promoting sustainability and cart conversions. Check out the businesses that have already seen results in their stores!