6 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Products

Here at EcoCart, we love our dogs almost as much as we love the Earth. But just like us humans, pets have their own “carbon pawprints” that are slowly but surely contributing to the climate change issue all beings on this planet are facing.

Fortunately, as a pet parent, there’s something you can do about it. By installing the free EcoCart browser extension for Google Chrome, you can shop at the stores listed below (plus more than 10,000 others!) and rest assured that you and your pets are doing your parts in the fight against climate change by reducing your carbon footprint when shopping online.

Check out these eco-friendly, sustainable pet products and activate EcoCart when you do—your dog’s (or cat’s) products will be delivered to your door without the carbon footprint (or pawprint) they would usually have.


Bond & Co. Recycled & Reinvented Crab Plush Dog Toy — Petco 

Ditch your pup’s business-as-usual toys for more eco-friendly dog toys. This Bond & Co. Crab Plush Dog Toy with Rope Handle features fibers from recycled plastic water bottles. Even if your pup is not yet a fan of reduce, reuse, and recycle, they won’t be able to tell the difference between Bond & Co.’s more sustainable, durable pet products and their usual favorite toys.

Recycled & Reinvented Crab Plush Dog Toy


Puppy Love Treat Pan And Dog Treat Mix Set — Sur La Table

Pet treats aren’t exactly great for the planet; your pup goes through a ton of them, especially if you’re in puppy school or training your dog. Plus, they always come in plastic packaging that’s rarely recyclable.

With Puppy Love Treat Pan And Dog Treat Mix Set from Sur La Table, you can treat your dog while also helping the Earth. The kit comes with everything you need to start making eco-friendly dog treats at home.

Puppy Love Treat Pan and Dog Treat Mix Set


Fresh Food Meals — The Farmer’s Dog

The manufacturing, packing, and shipping of traditional dog or cat kibble makes up a significant percentage of your pet’s carbon footprint (pawprint). Switching to fresh, human-grade meals is not only better for the health of your pet, it’s also better for the Earth. Check out The Farmer’s Dog and learn more about the custom plan of eco-friendly meals they can build for your furry family member. Plus, when you activate EcoCart at The Farmer’s Dog, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint even further as your puppy’s food will be sent to you with carbon neutral shipping!

Sustainable Pet Food from Farmer's Dog


Subscription Toy & Treat Box — Bark Box 

Let’s face it, humans love their subscription boxes. Whether you’re into beauty, snacks from around the world, or the Marvel universe, there’s a box out there waiting to get delivered to your door. So too for your pup! BarkBox offers premium dog toys, treats, and other goodies with their monthly subscription service. Get your pup a Bark Box with EcoCart so you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact of getting the subscription to your eager beaver each month!

Subscription Dog Toy & Treat Box


Pet Waste Bags and Dispenser — Brandless

Sh*t happens, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a bunch of money (or hurt the Earth) because of it. Plastic waste bags are a huge contributor to the planet’s waste issue and climate change as a result, but biodegradable dog bags can be expensive and extremely difficult to track down. Consider picking up these Pet Waste Bags from Brandless and activating the EcoCart Chrome Extension to make sure the bags arrive to you with carbon neutral shipping to help mitigate the environmental impact of plastic waste.

Pet Waste Bags

As a bonus, grab one of their waste bag dispensers to make sure you and your pup are never caught with your pants down!

Pet Waste Bags Dispenser

Being a pet owner carries a pup-sized carbon footprint with it. But don’t worry—by installing EcoCart to your Chrome Browser, you can shop at Petco, BarkBox, The Farmer’s Dog, and thousands of other stores that have products you and your pup will love, all without the carbon impact of shipping. Download EcoCart today as an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, and get yourself (and your pup) on a path to more sustainable living.