8 Tips for DTC Brands on their Sustainability Journey

With so many DTC brands claiming sustainability, it is extremely important to highlight why and how your company is actually sustainable. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the claim of being sustainable, but now crave for this information to be validated.

Luckily, parcelLab studied the sustainability performance of the UK’s top 50 DTC brands and have created a list of 8 quick sustainability tips for DTC retailers. 

1. Educate customers on the carbon footprint of their order

By adding the carbon footprint of each order at checkout your consumers will know that the sustainability efforts of your company are not for show. Many people do not know the full impact of their online orders; this will educate your consumers and make you stand out from other brands. 

2. Give Customers the option to Carbon Offset at checkout

Now that your customers know the environmental impact of their order, brands should offer offsetting tools during checkout. EcoCart is a great tool to help you do just that. Pro Tip: Because your customers are taking steps to better the planet, reward those who are offsetting their carbon footprint with discounts and loyalty schemes. 

3. Give Customers the option to reduce packaging

How many times have you ordered something small online and it comes in a giant box? This is wasted packaging AND takes up more space in the van or truck delivering it to you. Make sure the right box is available for all products through auditing packaging sizes. 

4. Give customers the option for unbranded packaging

Unbranded packaging?? Don’t worry, your customers don’t care about the box, they care about the package. The need for branded packaging comes at an expense to the environment. Give customers the option to choose recycled packaging, branded or not, and make sure to always display a sweet sustainability message to thank them for choosing to be green. 

5. Remove those pesky brand inserts

Brand inserts may be a great way to engage with customers, but most people throw them away immediately. Instead, take advantage of delivery communication emails. They have open rates upwards of 80% and this will make the carbon footprint of the order smaller. BONUS: your customer will be highly engaged with the content. 

6. Improve first-time delivery likelihood

Hosting your own order status page and, if possible, including a time slot for delivery will allow your customers to know when their order is arriving. This means no wasted journeys for the courier and even better, customers who are happy and home to receive their packages. 

7. Include recycling and sustainability information during delivery communication

Use the emails to your advantage! Take the opportunity to share recycling information for packaging or create fun and useful ideas for repurposing.

8. Promote paperless returns

This is becoming the norm in e-commerce! Instead of using unnecessary materials for the return, join the movement and ditch the printed labels. So many drop-off locations are going paperless and you can use your delivery communications to explain the return process and make life so much easier for your customers.

ParcelLab is focused on the brand-to-consumer relationship and the goal of bringing brands closer to their customers. In their recently published sustainability guide, you can read all the findings of their study. Check it out here! We are so thankful to have been a part of this and help brands on their sustainability journey!


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