Aquaglide Joins Thousands of Stores in Shipping Carbon Neutral with EcoCart

Aquaglide was made for adventurers, by adventurers. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, a small team of watersports enthusiasts began a company 15 years ago to create inflatable products of the highest quality to make everyone’s time on the water perfect. Since then, they’ve expanded their line of products to include a variety of kayaks, paddleboards, and even play structures!

Today, their products are available in over 70 countries. Aquaglide has been able to bring world-class aqua parks, kayaks, and paddleboards to suit the needs of all water sports. With roots in White Salmon, Washington, their proximity to the water has allowed Aquaglide to continuously research and develop their products to ensure they are of the highest quality.

As one of the few watersports companies to design such unique and varied products, Aquaglide has set themselves apart. Being near nature, they also understand the importance of sustainability in their business model. Recently, they’ve partnered with us here at EcoCart to add carbon offsetting to their orders.

How EcoCart is boosting sustainability at Aquaglide

EcoCart is a free e-commerce plugin that allows stores to make their orders carbon neutral. Through detailed calculations, EcoCart determines the carbon emissions created from every purchase, from manufacturing to shipping. Once the carbon footprint of any given order is calculated, a proportionate amount goes towards carbon offsetting projects, which actively work to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. 

EcoCart has been able to connect thousands of brands with projects that protect forests, build windmill farms, provide fuel-efficient cookstoves, and allow communities around the world to have access to safer, cleaner, and better homes. Each of EcoCart’s projects helps to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, albeit in different ways – Aquaglide has chosen to support the Garcia River Forest, which helps to absorb carbon and acts as a water filter and home for the nearby ecosystem in California.

Through EcoCart, Aquaglide gives all their customers the option to make their order carbon neutral for a small percentage of their order. At checkout, they highlighted this option so that customers can learn about carbon offsetting and Aquaglide’s work for the environment.

Aquaglide also features a live impact counter on their website that informs customers and visitors about the carbon they’ve been able to offset as well as the number of trees they’ve been able to protect through carbon offsets with EcoCart.

Finally, Aquaglide highlighted their partnership with EcoCart on their blog, explaining what going carbon neutral means and committing to further environmental initiatives and efforts. To quote their team – “We’re not just talking the talk – we’re doing something about it.”

EcoCart is thrilled to welcome Aquaglide!

Dane Baker, CEO of EcoCart, says “We are so glad to welcome Aquaglide! Their connection and work for the environment have not gone unnoticed, and we are proud to be a part of their sustainability journey.”

Adding the EcoCart e-commerce plugin to your online store can help start or further sustainability in your business model. Sustainability is no longer an option, it’s a requirement – and any brand can be eco-friendly! Check out some of the other brands we’ve partnered with and how they’ve integrated EcoCart into their stores.