Astor + Orion Offers Carbon Neutral Jewelry Orders with EcoCart

As someone who spent nearly a decade in Shanghai, China as a manufacturing agent, Astor + Orion founder Karen Hartman has a deep understanding of what it means to be both an ethical and sustainable brand. She set out to show the world it is possible to make beautiful jewelry that supports and promotes systems that will leave the world in a better place. 

Astor + Orion leverage recycled metals for their products and a factory that is certified for it’s environmental and labor practices. Karen is also actively working on obtaining a professional certificate in sustainability. ⁣The brand’s commitment to ethical business practices is clear across their website, highlighting the smiling faces of the hardworking men and women overseas producing these quality goods.

Astor + Orion also uses recycled materials and designs their products to be recycled easily with no extra processing.

“We know putting on a pair of earrings isn’t going to change the world,” Karen notes on the Astor + Orion. “But we do believe the act of getting dressed in the morning is the first step in becoming a part of the change we are all working toward.”

Astor + Orion thus shares a similar mindset to our operations here at EcoCart—addressing climate change is no small feat, but by offsetting the carbon impact of online shopping one order at a time, we believe we are working towards an incrementally better future for everyone.

To shop carbon neutrally with Astor + Orion, check out their store at astorandorion.com 

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