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The Best Carbon Neutral & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

One area that people commonly overlook when trying to reduce their carbon footprint or make their home more eco-friendly is the products that they use to clean their home. Most people either never consider the environmental impact of their cleaners and assume that it’s perfectly safe to use them all over their home and send them down the drain; or they think that eco-friendly cleaning supplies won’t be able to clean their home as well as traditional products can. It’s commonly believed that only harsh chemicals can really tackle tough cleaning jobs and that all the environmentally-friendly cleaning alternatives are weak and ineffective. 

Cleaning products are an area where many people just assume that it’s impossible to balance sustainable, eco-friendly living with effective cleaning products; however, nothing could be further from the truth. Brands like Grove Co. are demonstrating it’s possible to provide a wide variety of sustainable cleaning products that can effectively clean your home while also being environmentally friendly, and better for the health of your family.


What should you look for in eco-friendly cleaning products?

When you’re buying new eco-friendly cleaning products, look for labels such as “paraben free,” “organic,” “vegan,” and “naturally derived”. These signal that the product is making intentional choices to find natural alternatives to the common active ingredients in traditional, non-sustainable cleaning products. For example, several of Method’s antibacterial products substitute a natural citric acid based formula in place of harsher chemicals to kill germs. Citric acid is a natural ingredient found in many plants that when concentrated can be very effective at killing germs.

Not only are many eco-friendly cleaning products better for the environment and your carbon footprint, they’re also better for the people who use them. You’re exposed to a number of harmful chemicals whenever you clean your house, whether you’re inhaling the vapors of your shower cleaner or allowing strong cleaners to come in contact with your skin as you scrub your sinks. Many people can experience dizziness, nausea, throat irritation, and skin irritation, when exposed to non-eco-friendly cleaning chemicals for long periods of time!


EcoCart is here to help!

When you purchase your eco-friendly cleaning supplies & products online using EcoCart, you’re also offsetting the carbon footprint associated with shipping them to your home. That allows you to enjoy the convenience of online shopping and delivery, while also making a difference for the planet. All you have to do is install the EcoCart Chrome extension, and look for the green button to pop up while you’re shopping online. Once you press the button, EcoCart does the rest for you and calculates the carbon footprint of your order and offsets it at no additional cost to you. It couldn’t be easier. 

Here are just a few ideas, to get you started using eco-friendly, carbon neutral cleaning products.


Toilet Brush with Replaceable Head – Grove Co.

Toilet Brush with Replaceable Head - Grove Co.

This eco-friendly toilet brush is high quality and built to last. It allows you to replace the brush whenever it wears out or gets too dirty, allowing you to reuse the handle and base instead of replacing the entire assembly every time. This saves you money and means only a small piece ends up in the trash when it’s no longer useful, making it a much more sustainable choice. Plus it’ll look great in any bathroom!


High Performance Dish Soap Refill – Grove Co.

High Performance Dish Soap Refill - Grove Co.

This high performance dish soap is environmentally friendly, comes in an eco-friendly container and allows you to refill existing soap dispensers. This lets you avoid buying new dispensers every time you need to refill your dish soap and cuts out plastic waste! The soap is derived from plant based ingredients and is great for your hands and the environment! Even though it’s easy on your skin, it tackles grease, grime, and anything else you need it to clean!


Natural Foaming Hand Soap – Mrs. Meyer’s

Natural Foaming Hand Soap - Mrs. Meyer’s

Most people don’t give any thought to what’s in their hand soap, but this natural plant-based soap gives you peace of mind that you’re taking care of your hands and the environment. Plus, it’s even better for the planet when you order using EcoCart to offset your carbon footprint!


All Purpose & Antibacterial Cleaner – Method

All Purpose & Antibacterial Eco Cleaning Product - Method

This eco-friendly cleaner from Method kills germs and bacteria and removes general grime and dirt. It’s great for keeping surfaces around your home clean without using chemicals that are bad for you and the environment. As an added bonus, it’ll leave your home smelling fresh and clean, without the lingering odors of strong chemicals.