Eco-Friendly Products for the Home

One of the many challenges people face in their journey towards an eco-friendly lifestyle is finding quality cleaning products that will tackle the tough cleaning jobs they have, without harming the environment or exposing themselves to the toxic chemicals contained in many cleaning products. Grove Collaborative provides a thoughtful and quality solution to this issue. They provide recycled, organic, biodegradable, and reusable products that don’t harm the environment and are safe to use in your home. Even more eco-friendly, when you use EcoCart to place your order every month, you can quickly and easily offset the carbon footprint of having your products shipped directly to, without any additional charge to you!


Refillable Glass Cleaning Spray Bottle – Grove Co.

Refillable Glass Cleaning Spray Bottle - Grove Co.

Most of the cleaning products that we buy come in disposable plastic spray bottles that have to be thrown away every time they are used up. These glass spray bottles are enjoyable to use, and when paired with the Grove Co. concentrated cleaners will clean up all your messes. You can purchase a small bottle of concentrated cleaner that can be mixed with water in this reusable spray bottle. Then you only have to throw away a small bottle infrequently instead of a full spray bottle every month. It saves the environment and saves you money!


Plant Based Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent – Grove Co.

Plant Based Ultra-Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent - Grove Co.

Grove’s concentrated plant based laundry detergent is a great way to clean your clothing without harsh chemicals or having to regularly buy large plastic detergent bottles. Their detergent comes in a recyclable pouch that automatically dispenses the correct amount every time. The concentrated formula can clean up to 33 loads of laundry!


Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray – Mrs. Meyer’s

Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray - Mrs. Meyer's

With hand sanitizer becoming a regular part of our daily routines, it is important to stay stocked up. This sanitizer comes in a compact size with a convenient spray function that eliminates the mess of many hand sanitizer dispensers. In addition, the organic formula is easier on your hands and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.


Scented Soy Candle – Grove Co.

Scented Soy Candle - Grove Co.

These soy based candles will fill your home with clean scents, without using synthetic fragrances. They are completely vegan and come in a variety of incredible scents. They’re a great way to improve the atmosphere in your home without having to worry what they’re made of or what kind of chemicals they are releasing. Plus, when you finish one the glass container can be recycled or repurpose for a different use in your home. 


Nontoxic & Biodegradable Wood Floor Cleaner – Method

Nontoxic & Biodegradable Wood Floor Cleaner - Grove Co.

This biodegradable, non toxic floor cleaner is great for cleaning up messes and grime from your hardwood flooring, without leaving behind residue or unpleasant odors. It can be applied directly to the floor, saving water and lugging buckets around the house while you clean. It’s also vegan and BPA free.


Recycled Walnut Shell Scrubber Sponge – Grove Co.

Recycled Walnut Shell Scrubber Sponge - Grove Co.

You might not have given much thought to your sponge before, but they usually end up in landfills when you’re done with them. These scrubber sponges are great for cleaning built up food off of dishes, without harming the environment to make! They are made from plant fibers, walnut shells, and recycled plastic. Even better, they aren’t any more expensive than normal plastic sponges. You can clean your dishes and feel good about your carbon footprint at the same time!


100% Recycled Plastic Trash Bags – Grove Co.

100% Recycled Plastic Trash Bags - Grove Co.

These trash bags are made completely from recycled plastic, meaning no new resources were consumed to create them! They come in a wide variety of sizes with easy to tie tops, and a portion of every purchase goes to support projects across the United States that work to remove litter and trash from waterways and rivers. 


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