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EcoCart is the Offset Plugin Shopify Stores Need—Here’s Why

One of the many benefits of using Shopify as an e-commerce platform is the wide variety of apps available to merchants via the Shopify App Marketplace. Hundreds of thousands of stores rely on Shopify and this network of applications, some third-party and some from Shopify itself, to build shopping experiences unique to their customer bases. 

Shopify changed the way e-commerce stores connected and conducted business with their customers, creating a streamlined approach that allowed anyone to build a store and ship goods directly to their customers. But, as with any e-commerce platform, an often overlooked aspect of conducting sales online is the environmental impact of getting orders to customers’ doorsteps. 

EcoCart is a carbon offsetting plugin for Shopify stores, available on the Shopify App Marketplace at no cost to merchants. Carbon offsets at the point-of-sale is a relatively new concept but nonetheless has been established as a proven method to reduce the environmental impact of business operations and achieve carbon neutrality

Here are a few reasons why EcoCart is the best-available Shopify plugin to make your store carbon neutral. 

End-to-End Carbon Offsetting 

With online orders, shipping is only one contributor to climate change, the other culprits being the manufacturing and production of the good itself. This is why EcoCart, unlike other carbon offsetting tools, takes both manufacturing and shipping into consideration when calculating the carbon offset. Regardless of if goods are handmade, mass-manufactured, or even produced sustainably, everything from the raw materials to manufacturing processes can contribute to climate change. 

EcoCart’s proprietary carbon offsetting algorithm takes into account several critical factors of each individual order placed to determine the exact cost needed to offset the order’s carbon impact. These variables include: 

  • What the item(s) is made of
  • How much the item(s) weighs
  • The distance the order will travel from merchant to customer
  • How the order will get to its final destination (e.g. freight, trucks, air, etc.)

Based on the above factors mapped against empirically validated CO2 emissions data, EcoCart calculates the exact cost of offsetting the carbon impact of the order. No two orders are exactly the same, and therefore the cost to offset them should not be exactly the same. 

Carefully Vetted Donation Projects

Once customers decide to offset the carbon emissions of their online orders with EcoCart, the money donated goes directly to certified carbon offset products, hand-selected by the EcoCart team. The projects are certified to reduce the environmental impact of everyday activities while doing some extra good like protecting forests and endangered species and supporting underserved communities.

EcoCart donates only to projects that are carefully vetted, ethically proven, and scientifically verified according to the world’s major carbon standards including Gold Standard, the United Nations, the American Carbon Registry, and Climate Action Reserve. 

Projects must meet the following three standards to be included as part of the EcoCart donation program: 

  • Legitimacy: All projects are confirmed based on the organization’s scientific methods and financials, making sure each meets the toughest requirements of the world’s major carbon standards.
  • Impact: EcoCart works closely with project developers, ensuring that each program is stable, sound, and capable of doing good for both people and the planet. EcoCart projects don’t just slow climate change, but also have a positive impact on local communities and animal habitats.
  • Traceability: EcoCart does not depend on the promise to do good, but rather the action these carbon offset projects take. By carefully tracking the emissions reductions of each project and sharing that information with customers, merchants equipped with EcoCart have the greatest level of certainty that what they see is what they get.


A Partner in E-Commerce Sustainability

While EcoCart installs in minutes to any Shopify store, EcoCart is not a set-it-and-forget-it plugin. After installation, the EcoCart team works carefully with Shopify merchants to help them track and understand metrics of success including donation rates, cart conversion, and customer loyalty. Plus, EcoCart customers get access to a variety of marketing tools and templates to share the positive impact their brands are making on the world. 

Becoming a truly sustainable business can be expensive and time-consuming, especially for smaller businesses, but EcoCart enables online merchants to do so quickly and effectively. 

While we encourage all merchants to do their research on the carbon offsetting options available to them, on Shopify and elsewhere, it’s important to understand that many offsetting companies and projects do not provide transparency on where offset dollars are going, what kind of impact is being made, or why certain offsets have certain prices. EcoCart prides itself on full transparency with customers from the minute they install the plugin to their Shopify stores. There’s no coding, no guesswork, and no doubt that their stores are helping save the planet. 

Ready to get started with EcoCart today? Find EcoCart on the Shopify app store and install it today . Send a note to hello@ecocart.io and take that first step towards offering carbon neutral products.

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