Fly By Jing Launches EcoCart

Have you ever tried Sichuan chili sauce? If you haven’t, you’re not alone – the flavor is unknown and unheard of to most Americans if you don’t have any Chinese background. Realizing this herself, Jing (Jenny) Gao founded Fly By Jing, formerly a pop-up dining concept but now a spice and condiment company. Fly By Jing brings unique flavors from the Sichuan Province in China to your door. With a variety of seasonings and flavors, Fly By Jing has the perfect ingredients to spice up any of your dishes!

Jing founded Fly By Jing when she was inspired by the flavors she grew up around in her hometown of Chengdu. Chengdu is one of many parts of the world full of hole-in-the-wall restaurants that attract customers like flies (hence the ‘Fly’ in the name!). Like Jing, the brand is ‘Made in Sichuan Province but living in America’. Jing’s brand brings the well-known and popular flavors of the Sichuan Province to a country full of people who might’ve never experienced the tastes of chili sauce. She takes her own personal spin on the sauces and spices she creates while staying rooted in the authentic ingredients from China, hoping to embrace tradition while pushing old culture forward. 

Through her brand, Jing hopes to normalize Chinese food and introduce America to the nuances and varieties in flavors between provinces and places in Asia. While Chinese food has always been considered a cheap commodity, Jing’s gourmet and rare flavors will elevate Chinese food and the ideas around it for years to come. 

How EcoCart is promoting sustainability at Fly By Jing

EcoCart is a free e-commerce extension that allows stores to make their orders carbon neutral. Through detailed calculations, EcoCart determines the carbon emissions created from every purchase, from manufacturing to shipping. Once the carbon footprint of any given order is calculated, a proportionate amount goes towards carbon offsetting projects, which actively work to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. EcoCart has been able to connect thousands of brands with projects that protect forests, build windmill farms, provide fuel-efficient cookstoves, and allow communities around the world to have access to safer, cleaner, and better homes.

Fly By Jing has graciously decided to offset all of their orders on behalf of their customers. This means their customers don’t have to do anything to have their orders be made carbon neutral. Jing’s brand is paying a small percentage of every order to support the Tri-City Forest project, which helps to protect a forest in Massachusetts. This project helps to capture over 100,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year, and serves as a natural water filter and habitat to nearby ecosystems! By supporting this project, Fly By Jing is able to offset the carbon emissions from manufacturing and shipping their delicious products. 

Fly By Jing incorporated EcoCart into their checkout flow, helping to build their brand as one that cares about sustainability. The EcoCart box lets their customers know that their order has been made carbon neutral on their behalf. 

EcoCart is excited to welcome Fly By Jing!

“We are so excited to welcome such a unique and amazing brand to EcoCart! Fly By Jing creates delicious sauces everyone loves and we are so glad to be helping them start on their sustainability journey,” says CEO Dane Baker.

EcoCart is the perfect addition to your e-commerce store if you’re looking to start, or add to, your sustainability journey! Any brand can work to be more sustainable, and what that looks like will be different and changing for every business. Curious about how EcoCart can help your store? Check out how top brands have seamlessly integrated EcoCart into their stores.