Gin Amber Beauty Launches EcoCart

Gin Amber, founder of Gin Amber Beauty, grew her small dermaroller brand into a large brand with dozens of skincare cleansers, masks, and other products. Gin Amber Beauty’s original product, a medical-grade stainless steel dermaroller, utilizes real needles (unlike most dermarollers) ensuring safe and real results. Her dermaroller uses 192 individual surgical needles that create clean and precise punctures! Besides their flagship dermaroller, Gin Amber Beauty also carries a variety of skincare products that utilize natural ingredients (and leave out toxic chemicals).

As part of their sustainability goals, Gin Amber Beauty works to make products eco-friendly. Their products come in fully recyclable boxes and bottles, never use added fragrances and are made of organic and natural ingredients wherever possible. On top of this, Gin Amber Beauty has added the EcoCart extension to their store!

How EcoCart is helping Gin Amber Beauty be more sustainable

EcoCart is a plugin that allows e-commerce brands to offset the carbon emissions from their orders. Through precise calculations, EcoCart determines the carbon footprint from all steps of a purchase from production to shipment, then donates a percentage of the purchase to verified carbon offsetting projects.

Gin Amber Beauty was looking to further their sustainability efforts, and EcoCart is able to do just that.  With EcoCart, Gin Amber Beauty can provide their customers with the option to easily offset the carbon footprint of their orders, and make an impact on the environment! Not only does adding the EcoCart extension help offset the impact of online shopping, but it also motivates future customers to shop with a brand that shares their values about caring for the environment.

Gin Amber Beauty utilized their Instagram stories to highlight the carbon neutral option, and explain what it means to their customers.

EcoCart is excited to welcome Gin Amber Beauty!

CEO of EcoCart, Dane Baker, says “We are so excited to help Gin Amber Beauty with their sustainability goals! Their mission has always focused on the environment and people, and we are so happy to be helping them further their efforts.”

EcoCart is a great place to start for new businesses hoping to embark on the journey to sustainability because becoming eco-friendly doesn’t happen overnight. EcoCart can help offset carbon emissions from all steps of the online shopping process, from manufacturing to sale, and even make purchases carbon positive. Find out more about the impact EcoCart has already had on thousands of other retailers and customers.