Hard Kombucha brand JuneShine goes Climate Positive with EcoCart

JuneShine is sustainable, transparent, and insanely delicious hard kombucha. Their founders wanted a more transparent and honest product when it came to alcohol—that’s how JuneShine was created. JuneShine is brewed with real, organic ingredients like green tea, honey, fruit juice, and spices. This kombucha is free from artificial coloring, GMOs, pesticides, and processed corn or rice syrups, making JuneShine less toxic for the environment. 

JuneShine had already been working toward being more sustainable. From high-impact initiatives like reducing their carbon footprint to daily habits like composting, reducing their impact on the planet has always been a top priority. JuneShine donates one percent of all sales annually to 1% For The Planet, a collection of environmental nonprofits working to fight climate change. They had already worked to become a carbon neutral company, but there was still more they could be doing in the name of sustainability. 

How EcoCart is propelling sustainability at JuneShine

EcoCart is a tool that merchants can utilize to offset their carbon footprint, everything from manufacturing to the shipping of their products. EcoCart determines the precise carbon footprint of any given product or order, and then offsets that footprint by donating to rigorously vetted, third-party verified carbon offsetting projects.  

JuneShine added EcoCart to their checkout flow in order to empower their customers to make their order climate positive—not just carbon neutral. This means that when a customer selects the option at checkout, they are effectively doubling the amount of carbon being offset for their order. This is a great opportunity for customers to become more involved in a company’s sustainability initiatives, and create a meaningful impact. JuneShine added the climate positive checkbox to their checkout flow, so customers can select it before completing their purchase. 

They also highlighted this new option all over their social media channels and announced it on Earth Day.  

A can of JuneShine Hard Kombucha is being held up in front of a rainbow.

EcoCart is thrilled to welcome JuneShine

Dane Baker, EcoCart’s CEO, says “We are so excited to be helping JuneShine on their sustainability journey. They were already doing amazing things and we are proud to help them improve upon them even more. It’s always exciting to see other businesses who care as much about the planet as we do.”

Sustainability is not one-size-fits-all, it’s a constantly evolving landscape. The most important thing is to start somewhere, and EcoCart is a great place. EcoCart can help you offset emissions from manufacturing your products and shipping them to their final destination. Are you ready to be a more sustainable brand? Discover the ways our customers integrate EcoCart into their brands and what they have to say.