How Eco-Friendly Packaging Can Benefit Your Brand

As an e-commerce brand, one of the most important considerations is how you get your products to the people who buy them. The packaging you use needs to protect your products and ensure that they make it to the customer without damage. That packaging also needs to reflect your brand’s values and aesthetic so that customers have an enjoyable experience with your brand the moment your package is delivered to their door. With all these considerations, it can often seem daunting to try to make your brands packaging more eco-friendly. 


Why is eco-friendly packaging important?

Every year in the United States alone, over 30 million pounds of cardboard and other packaging waste ends up in landfills every year from shipping products. While some of this waste is recyclable and reusable, most of it is not recycled and if given no other function after it is thrown away. This is a growing problem around the world, that the rate of waste we are creating is unsustainable and is overloading landfills and waste management systems.

E-commerce is not going anywhere—it is the future of how people buy and sell, and the number of online purchases grows dramatically every year. This means that brands need to begin to consider how they can change how they create and ship their products in order to generate less waste, and more responsibly preserve the earth’s resources.


What is eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging takes on many different forms. Avoiding materials that are hard to recycle is a great place to start, as well as cutting down on the amount of extra materials you send with a product. There are a number of great options for compostable mailing solutions that function just like traditional mailers, but will break down much faster after being thrown away, with none of the negative effects of traditional non recyclable mailer options. If you use these recyclable or compostable mailing options, you can also encourage your customers to take the time to recycle or reuse them, instead of just throwing them in the trash. 

While plastic-based shipping materials are often convenient, opting for exclusively paper-based packaging can have a tremendous impact on whether or not your shipping materials will be able to be easily and effectively recycled.


Why is eco-friendly packaging good for your brand?

More and more people are searching for ways that they can practice sustainability in their everyday lives, and for many people that starts with the brands that they buy from. Sustainability is an important value that people want companies to have, and the way you incorporate eco-friendly packaging into your brands practices can have a very positive or negative effect on how your customers view you.

Many customers are frustrated by the careless way that many brands waste shipping materials and resources by inefficiently packaging individual items separately or shipping small products in large boxes. Showing intentionality and care in how you ship products to your customers can have a strong influence on whether or not they will do business with you in the future. 

Packaging is also a great area to get creative with and really let your brand’s personality shine. Using creative packaging that has multiple purposes is a great place to start, and packaging your products efficiently and in a visually appealing way using paper based padding and containers, can help you really stand out to customers.


How does EcoCart help you be a more sustainable brand?

EcoCart is a great tool for anyone running a Shopify store to provide their customers with a simple option to offset the carbon footprint of their order. All you have to do is install EcoCart into your Shopify store, and you’re set! EcoCart then offers your customers the option to offset the carbon footprint of their order from your store by adding a small donation to their total, which goes towards one of our verified carbon offsetting projects. It’s simple and easy and is a great way for people to get started in changing their shopping habits to be more environmentally friendly. Having EcoCart in your store also shows your customers that you care about sustainability and that you are committed to making a difference as a brand wherever you can. 


Being an eco-friendly brand is essential both in order to stand out as a brand in the crowded e commerce market, and in order to minimize your impact on the environment. By combining more eco-friendly packaging with EcoCart, you can dramatically reduce the amount of waste your brand creates, and its carbon footprint, all while making a great impression on your customers. Eco-friendly packaging can help reduce your store’s biggest environmental impact and it provides you with the opportunity to ditch bring mailing options that harm the environment and instead use fun options that are much more enjoyable for your customers and help the planet.

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