How Stix Used Sustainability as a Growth Lever

Stix is a women’s health brand that’s on a mission to empower confident health decisions in a judgment-free way. The Stix product line focuses on diagnostic testing, prevention, and treatment. Stix aims to help people have all the resources at their fingertips to help manage their health. 

Stix was founded in 2019 and started with pregnancy tests that would be discreetly delivered to their customers. The brand typically caters to a younger demographic, but in general, their buyers are people who are actively trying to conceive, and those who are using pregnancy tests and other health tools to better understand their own bodies and health.

Supplanting Sustainability for Safety & Security 

Due to the nature of their products, sustainability is easier said than done for a company like Stix. Stix has to comply with FDA rules and regulations for their products when it comes to the raw materials and manufacturing of their products, so introducing sustainable material and practices is an ongoing project. 

Importantly, Stix has found that customers increasingly care about the accessibility and accuracy of the products, It’s a delicate balance, “we are figuring out how to be sustainable and still accessible to all people—we don’t want to sacrifice why people love Stix,” says Aminah Fawad, Supply Chain Director at Stix.   

EcoCart Steps up Sustainability for Stix

The team at Stix still wanted to pursue sustainability solutions that worked for their business, especially after taking note of an increase in consumer sentiment around environmentally-friendly brands. Stix needed an approach to sustainability that didn’t require overhauling their manufacturing processes at the risk of violating FDA regulations. 

Enter: EcoCart. EcoCart was a perfect solution for Stix as they are navigating becoming more sustainable. EcoCart allows Stix to be more environmentally friendly by way of offering carbon neutral orders, without over-complication. EcoCart is a free plugin that allows e-commerce brands like Stix to offer carbon neutral shipping with just one click of a button by donating to verified carbon offsetting projects. When Stix customers check out, all they have to do is click a button and know they’re doing their part to be more sustainable, while getting the same Stix products they trust and love. Aminah sums it up, “We loved seeing all the orders that were made carbon neutral after launching the feature with EcoCart.”  

EcoCart is just the beginning for Stix. As the brand works to lower their carbon footprint in other areas, including changing suppliers to reduce shipping distance and lower emissions generated from freight and switching packaging to reduce waste. It can be challenging to convince suppliers to try something new because of the high upfront investment required for sustainable manufacturing, so EcoCart offers a practical and immediate solution for brands that want to be more environmentally friendly.    

Results: Bumps in AOV

For Stix, EcoCart has been “overall a positive experience,” notes Aminah. After learning about EcoCart, there was no reason that they shouldn’t add carbon neutral orders to Stix, it was a no-brainer. Since integrating, Stix has seen 8.1% orders being made carbon neutral with EcoCart. 

Subscriptions are a core pillar of the Stix customer experience, so it was crucial that EcoCart provide these customers with recurring carbon neutral orders to offset the emissions from each order that ships, without having to opt in each time. EcoCart was able to seamlessly integrate with Stix’s subscription management platform, ReCharge, with just a few clicks. 

The EcoCart and ReCharge integration helps customers who purchase subscriptions of pregnancy tests, supplements, and other Stix products make each shipment carbon neutral. Customers can easily sign up with their first purchase, and rest assured that each shipment after will be made carbon neutral. In fact, 18.6% of new first-time subscribers have already made their Stix subscriptions carbon neutral!

Adding EcoCart to their ReCharge feature helped Stix boost the existing value proposition associated with the subscription option by increasing customer engagement and boosting brand loyalty due to the continuous eco-friendly option. 

EcoCart boosts Stix's AOV

EcoCart was an integral part of Stix’s new website and product launch and the result was a 10.4% lift in AOV. Aminah says of EcoCart, “we love giving people the independence and autonomy to select how they want to go on their sustainability journey and being able to help them.” Check out how other brands integrate sustainability with EcoCart into their stores, and install EcoCart today

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