How to be Sustainable on a Budget

Sustainability is on the forefront of many people’s minds these days, as we all strive to do our best to care for the planet. We’re all looking for ways that we can reduce the impact we have on the environment and start living a more eco friendly lifestyle. However, one of the challenges that many people face is that products that are made from sustainable materials or quality products that aid people in creating less waste and last longer than cheap disposable products, are often quite expensive.

Even though more expensive products often last longer, saving money on replacements, the upfront cost is still inaccessible for many people. One of the most common arguments for not living sustainably, is that it’s too expensive and not accessible to people on a tight budget. The great news is that sustainability is getting more and more approachable and accessible, there are plenty of excellent options for people with any budget. There is even better news: any product mentioned below can be even more sustainable when you order it using EcoCart, which offsets the carbon footprint of that order.

Here are 8 ideas for sustainable products that won’t break the bank.


Organic Multi Surface Cleaner – Plant Therapy

Organic Multi Surface Cleaner - Plant Therapy

This multi surface cleaner is a great way to keep your kitchen and bathrooms sparkling, without worrying about dangerous chemicals harming you or the environment. This cleaner is organic and is made from plant based materials and essential oils, but can still tackle any grease and grime you need to remove.


Reusable Plastic Water Bottle – Nalgene

Reusable Plastic Water Bottle - Nalgene

Single use plastic water bottles are a huge part of the plastic waste that is generated every year. Americans alone use hundreds of millions of plastic bottles every day! This incredibly durable and lightweight reusable bottle from Nalgene will last you a lifetime and save you time and money, since you won’t have to buy new water bottles every week. It’s great for you and the planet.


Organic Biodegradable Sunscreen – Raw Elements

Organic Biodegradable Sunscreen - Raw Elements

Many sunscreens commonly available aren’t great for your skin and when they wash off, the chemicals in them can harm the plants and animals that live in the water you’re swimming in. This organic and biodegradable sunscreen from Raw Elements will protect you from the sun, without any of the harmful side effects for you or the environment.


Recycled Insulated Beanie – The North Face

Recycled Insulated Beanie - The North Face

With winter already upon us, this insulated beanie from The North Face is a great way to stay warm and look good when the temperature starts dropping. It’s also made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about your purchase and fight off that winter chill.


Reusable Netting Market Tote – Brandless

Reusable Netting Market Tote - Brandless

Reusable bags are a huge way to cut down on unnecessary plastic waste in your day to day life. Just through a few of these in your car for the next time you head to the farmers market or the grocery store. They’re lightweight and easy to store away, plus they’re fun to use.


Recycled Coffee Bean Socks – Coalatree

Recycled Coffee Bean Socks - Coalatree

These durable and super comfortable socks are made from a unique process that combines cotton with fibers made from recycled coffee beans and water bottles. The result is a great pair of socks that hold up to any activity you throw at them, while reusing materials that normally would have just ended up in a landfill.


Tree Free Organic Paper Towels – Brandless

Tree Free Organic Paper Towels - Brandless

These paper towels from Brandless are made sustainably from sugarcane and bamboo, instead of requiring more trees to be cut down. They’re also free from any dyes or fragrances! This is a great way to enjoy the convenience of paper towels for messy cleanups, without the worry about what went into making them.


Reusable Insulated Coffee Mug – Hydroflask

Reusable Insulated Coffee Mug - Hydroflask

That daily Starbucks run for coffee can really start to add up to a significant effect on the environment when you factor in all the cups, straws, and lids that end up in the trash as a result. This rugged insulated coffee mug from Hydroflask is a great way to enjoy your coffee without needing to use single use cups. It also keeps your drink warm way longer than a plastic cup, and will last you forever.


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