How to Find Eco-Friendly Online Stores

Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds every year, increasing by almost 30% from last year’s growth. For many people, it’s the easiest and most affordable way to get the products they need without having to visit the store. However, if you’re like a growing number of online shoppers, you’re concerned about the impact that your shopping habits could be having on the environment. While EcoCart doesn’t solve all of the environmental problems associated with e-commerce, it’s a great tool to start reducing your carbon impact and do good for the planet.

One of the biggest flaws of e-commerce is the carbon footprint that it creates. While you can order from ethical companies and buy sustainable products, the carbon costs of shipping and handling still remain anytime you place an online order. EcoCart is an incredibly easy and effective way to make a difference in this area, without having to do extra work and research. All you have to do is install the EcoCart Chrome extension and EcoCart will make your online orders carbon neutral for free. Listen to EcoCart’s CEO, Dane Baker, talk about the EcoCart Chrome extension, how it works, and how online shoppers can be more sustainable.

Now, when you are browsing for places to shop using Google, keep an eye out for the EcoCart logo next to search results, for sites that support EcoCart’s extension. When you see the “shop sustainably” icon, you know that when you checkout on this site, you can use EcoCart to offset your carbon footprint for that order for free.

If the sites that you normally shop at online don’t support EcoCart, that’s a great opportunity to start looking for more eco-friendly places to shop. It’s essential to support online stores that practice sustainability in all areas of their business, but supporting EcoCart is a great place for them to start. The EcoCart extension is a great place to find stores that care about the environment and the impact that they have on it. Just look for the green airplane logo in your Chrome browser to open the EcoCart extension.

The extension will show you some of the top places that other people are shopping and how many pounds of CO2 other customers have offset using EcoCart on those sites. It’s a great tool for discovering new places to shop that also care about the planet. You can also search for sites and stores you already love/shop at using the search function, to see if they are supported by EcoCart. You can also find EcoCart’s “high impact” stores, where you can earn bonus Eco-Points with every purchase you make there. We love hearing about new stores that our users find, that value sustainability and sell great products, so be sure to send us any that you find! You can tweet at us @EcoCart_io or tag us on Instagram @ecocart.io.



After you’ve found that perfect site to shop at, just hit the green button that pops up to make your order carbon neutral. Then, just check out like you normally would. Whenever you’re shopping on a site that supports sustainable shopping, EcoCart will automatically prompt you to make your order carbon neutral. 

Congratulations! Your order is now carbon neutral at no cost to you, and you’ve earned EcoPoints that you can redeem for more Earth-saving rewards, or redeem them for yourself via an Amazon gift card.


E-commerce affects the environment in a number of ways, and it’s important to do our part to offset those negative effects. We can shop locally, avoid buying things we don’t need, and do everything possible to reduce the amount of waste we create and the carbon footprint we leave behind. However, online shopping is here to stay and it has a number of benefits. Using EcoCart is a great way to responsibly enjoy shopping online while also reducing the carbon footprint we leave behind and better care for our planet.