Jack Rogers Goes Carbon Neutral with EcoCart

The Jack Rogers motto is “Every step of a well-loved life”, and they’ve lived up to their motto. Since 1960, Jack Rogers has been a purveyor of women’s footwear ranging from their famous sandals to other shoes including flats, boots, and more. Founded in sunny Palm Beach, Florida, their company is now headquartered in New York, one of the most popular places for fashion in the world.

Jack Rogers’ durable, long-lasting footwear is sure to serve through years of use. The sandals that First Lady Jackie Kennedy wore back in 1961 are still in production, and still in style, today. Because their products are built to last, they’re great for the environment (as opposed to having to buy new shoes often & creating a lot of waste in the process). No matter what the trend is, Jack Rogers footwear is perfect for any occasion and style.

That isn’t to say the brand has always stayed the same. As the market and customer demands have changed, Jack Rogers has been listening and taking note—and as a part of this, they’re adding sustainability to their business model. To help build their new sustainability efforts, they’ve recently partnered with us here at EcoCart to bring carbon-neutral shipping to their products, making their footwear appealing for people and the planet.

EcoCart helps establish sustainability at Jack Rogers

EcoCart is a free e-commerce plugin that allows businesses and customers to ship orders carbon neutral. While it’s always best to reduce emissions and environmental impact directly, it would be impossible to avoid having a carbon footprint at all. Since it would be impossible to eliminate all emissions from shipping e-commerce orders, EcoCart offers an easy (and helpful!) alternative.

By going carbon-neutral, brands and customers can help support a cause while shopping for the brands they love. Businesses or customers can opt to pay a small percentage of an order to contribute to carbon offsetting projects, which actively help to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and support various communities as a result.

Carbon offsetting projects happen in a variety of ways and can work on things from strengthening forests to distributing fuel-efficient cookstoves, in ways that can help strengthen the local community and ecosystems where the project took place.

Jack Rogers has chosen to support the Tri-City Forest Project, which helps protect over 6,500 acres of forest in Massachusetts. At checkout, customers can click to learn more about the project and opt-in to donate a small percentage of their order towards the project, in an equal amount to the carbon emissions created from shipping and manufacturing the product.

Making order carbon neutral on Jack Rogers

By incorporating EcoCart into their checkout flow, Jack Rogers is able to both help the planet and boost their brand’s efforts as one that cares for the planet and vulnerable communities.

EcoCart is excited to welcome Jack Rogers!

“We’re so happy about our recent partnership with Jack Rogers. Their brand is already incredibly well-known and successful, and we are honored to be helping them further their sustainability initiatives,” says CEO Dane Baker.

Do you want to add sustainability to your business model? Consider incorporating EcoCart into your store. EcoCart is one of the easiest ways for brands to start (or further) their sustainability journey. Check out the impact we’ve had on dozens of brands that have integrated EcoCart into their stores.