KAIBAE Delivers Lost Crops™ to Customers (Without the Carbon Footprint)

KAIBAE is a company that is committed to delivering the highest quality, wild harvested or organic products to market – while doing their best to consider the planet and the impact they have. Co-founders Thomas Cole, Barbara Berger Maes, and Dr. Luc Maes believe in the interconnectedness of the world; they want to put good into the world in order to get good out. With an underlying ethos to protect the Earth, KAIBAE has partnered with EcoCart to offset the environmental impact of the carbon emitted when sending orders to their customers. 

KAIBAE’s Dedication to the Earth

Much like the Earth is losing its biodiversity, amplified through deforestation, our bodies are also losing the biodiversity of our own microbiome, in our guts, and in our bodies. Our microbiomes house around 100 trillion bacteria and other microbes that work to keep us healthy by carrying out critical ecosystem functions. KAIBAE works to nourish and balance these microbiomes to provide healthier, happier bodies by revaluing ancient wild plants that are critical to the biodiversity of the planet.  

KAIBAE is on a mission to amplify regenerative wild plants and how they can help improve health & beauty, improve livelihoods and preserve biodiversity. Once considered Lost Crops™, these plants and their rediscovered benefits now promote economic development in regions of the world where natural resources grow abundantly and poverty is widespread.

It All Started With the Baobab

While KAIBAE started with harvesting the fruit and leaves of the Baobab tree, they also saw the environmental, social  and wellness benefits offered by many more wild plants, once considered Lost Crops™.  KAIBAE now works with harvesting communities in Ghana, Colombia, Zanzibar and Uganda.  By wild-harvesting Baobab, Cacay, Seaweed, Shea Nilottoca and other wild-harvested plants value is brought to these crops which protects them and preserves them in their native landscape. KAIBAE Lost Crops™ sales bring revenue directly to these communities, improving livelihoods and granting greater access to healthcare and education. Their published KAIBAE Impact Report proudly shares that the commercial harvest of Baobab initiated by KAIBAE in 2011 is now the #1 annual source of income for their community partners. The film LOST CROPS beautifully shares the KAIBAE journey and with some joyful dance moves at the films end! 

Offering KAIBAE Products Without the Carbon Footprint

Continuing their mission to preserve and protect the Earth and combat climate change, KAIBAE turned to EcoCart for help. Co-founder Barbara Berger Maes discovered EcoCart when she was searching for a way to add carbon neutral shipping to the KAIBAE website, gokaibae.com. After installation, EcoCart offsets the carbon impact of everything when a customer selects it at checkout, from the baobab powder down to the packaging and shipping. 

EcoCart and KAIBAE

“EcoCart is an extension of our values of wanting to do good for the planet. Source to consumer, we want the consumer to be an active participant in this vision to leave the planet a better place. We can do commerce in a way that doesn’t deplete the planet’s resources,” said Dr. Luc Maes co-founder of KAIBAE. Seamlessly integrated to the KAIBAE website, EcoCart easily offsets the carbon emissions of customers’ orders when they select the option at checkout.

When KAIBAE added EcoCart to their Shopify store, Barbara notified their customers, which ended up being an email that had one of their highest open rates. Since then, nearly 50% of KAIBAE’s orders have been made carbon neutral with EcoCart. 

“The feedback we’ve gotten since installing EcoCart has been overwhelmingly positive,” noted Barbara. “Carbon neutral orders were a logical extension of the KAIBAE mission and we’re thrilled to have found a partner that made offering sustainable goods simple, easy, and effective.” Dr. Luc Maes reiterates their team’s deep level of commitment,  “KAIBAE recognizes that biodiversity is essential to human wellbeing and the long-term health of the environment. Modern living, urbanization, pollution and deforestation continue to threaten and degrade biodiversity in both the human and global biome. We have biodiversity in mind with everything we do!”

To get started offering carbon neutral products to your customers, check out EcoCart on the Shopify App Store.

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