LightBox Jewelry Joins Thousands of Stores Shipping Carbon Neutral with EcoCart

LightBox Jewelry launched in 2018, with the goal of creating lab-grown, affordable, and high-quality diamonds. Designed and ‘grown’ in the United States, LightBox Jewelry produces all of their diamonds at a consistent and exceptional standard. Their lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds – the only difference is that their diamonds were produced in a lab within a few weeks, rather than millions of years underground.

LightBox Jewelry’s lab-grown diamonds are a much more sustainable option than natural diamonds, which are in short supply and use a lot of resources to mine. By controlling the environment these diamonds were made in, LightBox Jewelry can conserve resources, energy, and materials. To add to these efforts, they’ve added the EcoCart e-commerce plugin to their store!

How EcoCart is promoting sustainability at LightBox Jewelry 

EcoCart is a plugin that allows e-commerce brands to offset the carbon emissions from their orders. EcoCart determines the carbon emissions from all parts of a purchase through precise calculations, then offsets that amount by funding vetted and third-party verified carbon offsetting projects. These projects help provide water, protect ecosystems, and reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere in locations all over the world.

To aid in their sustainability journey, LightBox Jewelry has added EcoCart to their store, paying to automatically offset the carbon emissions of every customer’s purchase! At no additional cost to customers, every purchase from LightBox Jewelry helps support the Tri-City Forest project, which protects 6,500 acres of trees in Massachusetts!

LightBox Jewelry integrated EcoCart into their checkout flow to ensure that their customers were made aware that their order was being offset on their behalf.

LightBox Jewelry pays a percentage of every customer’s order to support this project and offset their carbon footprint, joining thousands of retailers in becoming carbon neutral.

EcoCart is delighted to welcome LightBox Jewelry!

The CEO of EcoCart, Dane Baker, says “We are so happy to be helping LightBox Jewelry on their sustainability journey. Their lab-grown diamonds are just one of many ways they are helping our environment, and we are so excited to be helping them do more.”

EcoCart is a great place to start for businesses wishing to be more eco-friendly. Starting your brand’s sustainability journey is the most important part, and EcoCart is a great way to start. EcoCart can help you offset your company’s carbon footprint, from producing your products to shipping them to their final destination. Learn more about the effect we’ve had on thousands of retailers and customers so far.