Molly Mutt’s Commitment to Sustainability with EcoCart

Sustainable pet brand Molly Mutt was founded with the goal of building sustainable dog beds that hold up to a lifetime of washing, wagging, and wear. 

Molly Mutt was started in 2009 when co-founder Molly grew tired of trying to wash her dirty dog beds, only for them to fall apart and need to be replaced. From there came the idea of dog beds that essentially have duvet covers that can easily be removed and washed.

Sustainability at Molly Mutt 

Sustainability is a core value of Molly Mutt as the brand goes above and beyond to help out the planet. Their products are inherently sustainable due to their longevity, they will last for years, reducing the frequency of purchasing. They offer repair patches to extend the life of their products as long as possible. And when the time does come to eventually replace the item, they offer ideas of ways you can upcycle it into something new.

Molly Mutt dog beds come with a fillable mesh bag that forms an upcycled mattress for the beds—just stuff the bed with old pillows, blankets, and clothes. This prevents more textiles from ending up in landfills while providing a comfy bed for your pets. Molly Mutt beds are made with 100% cotton canvas material for easy cleaning. Simply remove the stuffing and wash everything—the recycled textiles and the cover—and you’re good to go. 

Molly Mutt and EcoCart

Molly Mutt products are inherently sustainable, but they knew there was still more that could be done: enter EcoCart. EcoCart has helped Molly Mutt offset the carbon footprint of their orders.  

Molly Mutt’s Commitment to Sustainability with EcoCart

And when a customer elects to offset the carbon footprint of their order, Molly Mutt will match their donation, effectively making that order carbon positive. That means more carbon is offset than is emitted into the atmosphere.

Molly Mutt’s Commitment to Sustainability with EcoCart

EcoCart’s CEO Dane Baker says of this partnership, “We love working with brands like Molly Mutt who are hard at work on their sustainability initiatives but aware there’s still more they could do. In this case, the carbon positive initiative is a wonderful program that we’re delighted to help Molly Mutt achieve.”   

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