MrBeast Launches Better-For-You Snacking Brand Feastables Made Carbon Neutral with EcoCart

Feastables is a better-for-you snacking brand founded by YouTuber MrBeast, a.k.a Jimmy Donaldson. Feastables launched with the MrBeast Bar, a gluten-free chocolate bar that starts with four simple ingredients, including organic cocoa. The MrBeast Bar is launching in three delicious flavors: Original Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, and Quinoa Crunch Chocolate.

As someone who grew up with Crohn’s Disease, MrBeast wanted to make snacks more accessible to people like himself by using higher quality ingredients at an affordable cost. Enter, Feastables; “Be on the lookout for exciting stunts and giveaways with every Feastables drop,” says MrBeast. “No other brand is creating quality snacks with a focus on fun at a mass scale, and I’m excited for everyone to experience it.”

Like most of MrBeast’s endeavors, Feastables is mission-driven 

Feastables is already focused on supporting various initiatives to support the community and the environment. 

Feastables works with the Rainforest Alliance to sustainably source their cacao and support their mission to create a sustainable future for people and nature, and the brand will ongoingly support Beast Philanthropy with food and cash donations to continue to address food insecurity in the United States.

To offer a sustainable shopping experience, Feastables has partnered with EcoCart to offer a carbon neutral checkout and works with TerraCycle to eliminate waste through the recycling of their packaging.

EcoCart and Feastables

EcoCart is thrilled to work with Feastables to enable a carbon neutral ordering experience.

In fact, at launch Feastables is leveraging EcoCart to calculate and offset the carbon emissions of their manufacturing and shipping for each order on behalf of all of their customers.

Soon Feastables’ customers will be able to match the carbon offsetting fee the brand is paying for their order when they checkout in order to make it carbon negative.

EcoCart’s CEO, Dane Baker, says of Feastables, “We’re so excited to be helping Feastables provide a more sustainable shopping experience for their customers. It’s so fantastic to see brands backed by such strong missions.” 

Feastables’ immediate dedication to having as little of a carbon footprint as possible from launch shows that brands who are serious about providing what the next generation of shoppers want are thinking sustainability-first through and through.