NextSmartShip Partners With EcoCart To Help Ecommerce Brands Offer More Sustainable Shipping Options

The transportation of goods and products within the global supply chain is one of the largest contributing factors to global carbon emissions. This is why we’re excited to announce our partnership with leading global fulfillment service provider NextSmartShip. NextSmartShip is a technology-driven fulfillment company with its own network of warehouses across the globe, and a proprietary next-gen SaaS which empowers sellers to easily improve efficiency and save cost. They help brands fulfill ecommerce orders, Amazon orders, crowdfunding rewards, subscription orders, and more.

As a way to show their dedication to being greener, NextSmartShip has partnered with us to calculate and offset the carbon emissions of all orders they fulfill. This bold move sets NextSmartShip apart from many of their competitors as they’re taking the onus of offsetting on behalf of their customers instead of simply offering it as an option for the merchants to implement on their own. Through us, NextSmartShip will be funding forest preservation and reforestation projects in Brazil and Sierra Leone, as a start, as their way of offsetting the carbon emitted by the deliveries they fulfill for clients.

Sustainability at NextSmartShip

This partnership is simply another step in NextSmartShip’s journey towards leading the way in terms of sustainability within fulfillment providers. Prior to this initiative, NextSmartShip launched its Time to ECOmmerce campaign, where sellers and consumers alike are educated on the negative ecological impact of global commerce and given steps for ways they can sell and shop more sustainably. In addition to the digital activation, NextSmartShip also launched a more eco-friendly packaging solution known as PackGreen, which is available to all merchants who use their services and provides incentives for brands to shift onto a greener path with flexible options at various cost levels.

Tackling both the waste produced from packaging and the carbon emitted from delivery is an extremely impactful way for NextSmartShip to show their dedication toward leading the way in more sustainable ecommerce fulfillment. By offering these sustainable solutions to their customers as part of their native offering, NextSmartShip is showing that they understand and take responsibility for the fact that their business can change the tide of how global commerce is affecting the environment.

“We have been pushing ourselves to be at the frontline in every possible way in this fulfillment industry. It’s in our genes to always walk an extra mile for our clients and partners, and be brave to take initiatives and lead changes. When we launched PackGreen, the very first complete green packaging solution in this industry, we took several months talking to our clients and another several months sourcing the right materials with repeated tests under a clear set of standards. We didn’t know whether it would pay back economically, but we did know it was the right thing because it would bring crucial benefits to our clients and beyond,” said founder and CEO of NextSmartShip, William Yu. 

“Working with EcoCart to ease our clients’ ecological burden is yet another case. In this year we have more cool stuff in the line and we are excited still to be the change-maker, generate bigger impact and help more brands success, together with a cool partner like EcoCart.” 

Why EcoCart?

NextSmartShip decided to partner with EcoCart, specifically, for this initiative because of our robust network of readily available and thoroughly vetted offsetting projects and our ability to be a true partner in their sustainability journey.

“NextSmartShip is a global leader in fulfillment solutions and is on a mission to lead the industry in a more sustainable direction,” explains EcoCart co-founder and CEO Dane Baker. “We’re extremely excited to be on this journey with them, and we’re looking forward to this initiative leading to an even more robust partnership between our two companies in the near future.”

Some experts say that last-mile delivery emissions are set to climb 30% by the year 2030. NextSmartShip partnering with us at EcoCart to do their part to counteract this cements them as a leader in the sustainable fulfillment conversation.