Nuzest Sees Cart Conversion Soar 22% After Installing EcoCart

With a focus on “Nutrition for Life,” Nuzest designs a range of supplements and nutrition products that are plant-based and give customers the foundation they need for a truly healthy diet. Nuzest’s line of lean protein powders stand out from others due to the product’s probiotic ingredients that also offer digestive support.

Trevor Bolland founded Nuzest as part of a long health-focused journey after his daughter Monique was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that currently has no cure. He refused to accept his daughter’s prognosis and took it upon himself to seek out guidance from neurologists, naturopaths, scientists, and dietitians. Trevor became deeply involved in the health and supplement industry, wanting to show others the power of nutritional science and natural medicine.


Nuzest + EcoCart

Nuzest’s customers have been enjoying the welcome addition to the Nuzest site. In fact, many of their customers are choosing to shop with Nuzest directly even though Amazon sometimes has better prices.

Customers have also relayed that they feel good that they can do a little extra to offset their environmental impact and that they’re proud to shop with a brand that gives them this option.

EcoCart in Nuzest cart

Since adding EcoCart to their Shopify store in mid-2020, Nuzest has seen a 22% lift in cart conversion, with 15% of all their orders ship carbon neutral with EcoCart. Nuzest is looking forward to seeing that number grow as Kayla and the rest of the team continue to expand sustainability efforts and attract more eco-conscious consumers.

To learn more about how you can boost customer loyalty and reduce your brand’s carbon footprint in a few easy steps, check out the EcoCart app.


Sustainability at Nuzest

Nuzest’s protein powders use a pea protein isolate sourced from Belgium. Pea protein is a more sustainable form of vegan protein than other protein-rich crops that can be damaging to soil or require an inordinate amount of water to grow successfully.

Sustainability is thus intrinsic to the Nuzest product, but after working with Nuzest for about a year, Kayla Russick struck up a conversation with Trevor about Nuzest’s long-term sustainability goals.

“I am first and foremost an accountant at Nuzest, but I told Trevor I wanted to be doing more for the planet with my time at Nuzest,” Kayla, Nuzest’s Controller, explained. “We had already begun making small eco-friendly changes here and there, but I wanted to do more.”

Nuzest sells its goods in canisters made from HDPE, which is a type of plastic that is easiest to be recycled and most widely accepted in most places by recycling centers. Kayla and the Nuzest team are continually looking for ways to improve the overall carbon footprint of the company wherever and whenever possible. They recently moved manufacturing of their product from Australia to the USA for that reason. Additionally, the team has been looking into removing the plastic scoop that comes with each protein powder canister. While a common practice in the health industry, Kayla pointed out that most folks who purchase protein powder have done so in the past, so more often than not, they already have a plastic scoop.

“We had just started looking into software and e-commerce apps we could add to our website when Trevor passed along a note he received from EcoCart,” Kayla noted. “I thought to myself, ‘Why would any brand not want to add carbon offsets as an option to their website?’ We looked at a few similar options but EcoCart’s CEO, Dane, was particularly proactive, helpful, and responsive, and that’s ultimately why we decided to go with EcoCart.”


It pays to be an eco-friendly brand

Nuzest’s story is not unique. Hundreds of brands trust EcoCart to boost cart conversion and increase average order value. On average, brands that use EcoCart to offer carbon neutral orders see a 14% lift in cart conversion, meaning customers are more likely to complete checkout when they see that the brand they are shopping with cares about their carbon impact.

When you are upfront with your commitment to the planet and sustainability, your customers take notice and are more likely to check out or spend more with your brand.


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