Post a Review to Save a Tree on Thingtesting

Thingtesting is a directory and review platform that, according to the founder, was born from the question “Has anybody tested this?” The idea originally started as an Instagram account where the founder would post reviews of new brands. After a year, the account had grown exponentially and the founder realized that people are craving transparent social proof of new brands and products. From that success, she decided to build Thingtesting into what it is today.

“Today, we have a larger vision: build Thingtesting into the un-sponsored corner of the internet where consumers can discover, learn more, and share their honest reviews of new brands.” 

– Jenny Gyllander

In addition to being a place for consumers to discover and discuss their favorite new online brands, Thingtesting has taken it upon themselves to help shoppers, and the ecommerce community as a whole, be more socially responsible about the decisions they make. This initiative has taken many forms throughout Thingtesting’s product development; one of those forms being their sustainability initiatives.

Thingtesting Helps Make Ecommerce and Ecommerce Discovery More Sustainable

Thingtesting has launched various features to enable consumers to make more sustainable decisions. One of these features is a map of the locations of all of the brands on Thingtesting’s headquarters. The reasoning behind this feature is that it informs consumers what shipping distances and methods would be used to get a specific brand’s product to them. This way shoppers can make an educated decision on if the environmental impact of having said product shipped to them is worth it. 

Another feature Thingtesting launched to help consumers make more sustainable decisions are sustainability certification filters. These filter enable visitors to filter brands by specific sustainability initiatives that they participate in. Some of these initiatives include becoming carbon neutral through various organizations or certifications, giving a portion of sales to specific causes, using eco-friendly certified packaging, and more.

Thingtesting and EcoCart Make Reviewing Better for the Planet

Beyond giving consumers tools to make more eco-friendly purchasing decisions, Thingtesting has also partnered with EcoCart to give visitors the opportunity to save a tree every time they post a review. What this means is that every time someone writes a review on Thingtesting they invest in a forestation project through EcoCart. The project that Thingtesting has chosen to invest in is the protection of the Gola Rainforest National Park in Sierra Leone. This project enables local stakeholders to manage the protected forest sustainably, in a way that benefits both local communities and wildlife.

Have you purchased from an online brand you really enjoy recently? Head over to Thingtesting to see if they’re on there to leave a review! Not only will you be supporting their business but you’ll be doing your part to save the planet while you do!