Resin8 Goes 100% Carbon Neutral with EcoCart

Resin8 is an award-winning go-to supplier of crystal clear epoxy resin, colour pigments, mica powders, silicone moulds, tools and accessories. As retailers of plastic products, they are acutely aware of the need to reduce our collective impact on the environment.

To maximize their sustainability efforts, Resin8 now works with EcoCart to offer all products on their website as 100% carbon neutral. While EcoCart is typically free for stores, EcoCart also supports the ability for merchants to pay for offsets on behalf of their customers so stores like Resin8 can proudly sell products that are 100% carbon neutral without passing costs off to the end customer. 

In addition to offsetting the carbon impact of all their e-commerce store’s orders with EcoCart, Resin8 also opts to use recycled materials and ethically-sourced products whenever possible. High-quality goods are ultimately better for the environment since they need to be replaced less often, and as a material supplier, Resin8 emphasizes sourcing high-quality materials that their customer can use to make meaningful, long-lasting pieces.

Check out resin8.co.uk today and rest easy your order will be 100% carbon neutral thanks to Resin8’s partnership with EcoCart.

Want to add EcoCart to your Shopify store? Download EcoCart on the Shopify app store here.

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