Stix goes Carbon Neutral with EcoCart

Stix is a brand built by women, for women. They tackle a problem many women face – buying pregnancy tests. Recounting their own troublesome experiences with buying pregnancy tests, co-founders Cynthia and Jamie started a brand that helps women get access to pregnancy tests, discreetly shipped to the doorstep. Since their founding in February 2019, they’ve grown their brand from just a single product to offering ovulation and UTI tests too, also shipped in plain packaging. They boast convenient shipping, lower prices, all with the same accuracy as other similar products.

Besides their health products, Stix also has an educational library with dozens of articles on topics ranging from fertility to periods to sexual health. “The Library” is filled with posts  that dive deep into personal health and wellness, all for free (even if you don’t buy any of their products!). Since their start only two years ago, they’ve helped hundreds of women across the United States. 

How EcoCart is helping foster sustainability at Stix

Besides being good for people, Stix is good for the planet, too – they’ve recently added EcoCart to their store to offer carbon neutral shipping! EcoCart is a free e-commerce plugin that allows brands to offset the carbon emissions from their orders. Through a detailed algorithm, EcoCart determines the carbon emissions from each purchase, then gives your customers the option to ship their orders carbon neutral by way of carbon offsets. EcoCart secures the carbon offsets needed to offset individual orders and funds vetted and verified carbon offsetting projects, which help protect ecosystems and communities all over the world!

Stix integrated EcoCart into their checkout to allow their customers to make their orders carbon neutral. When checking out on Stix’s website, customers can choose to offset the carbon emissions from their purchase by clicking on a checkbox.

Customers can opt to pay a small percentage of their order to make it carbon neutral and better for the planet!

EcoCart is thrilled to welcome Stix!

EcoCart’s CEO, Dane Baker, says “We are so excited to have Stix join EcoCart! They’ve already done so many amazing things for women all over the country and we are proud to help them propel their sustainability initiatives.”

Any brand can be more sustainable, and EcoCart is a great place to start! Sustainability doesn’t look the same for every brand; it’s constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of customers and our world today. Do you want to become a more sustainable brand? Find out about the impact we’ve already had on hundreds of companies.