The Top 5 BigCommerce Apps That Can Boost Your Brand

EcoCart recently joined the BigCommerce app ecosystem, allowing anyone utilizing the BigCommerce e-commerce platform to integrate EcoCart directly into their online marketplace. BigCommerce has an incredible array of apps and plugins that, just like EcoCart, can help you grow your online business, better serve your customers, and eliminate many of the headaches and frustrations that come with running an online business. 

Here are the top 5 BigCommerce apps that can help you take your online business to the next level!


Yotpo Product Reviews

Yotpo integrates with your BigCommerce store and allows you to collect reviews from buyers and users quickly and easily. They focus on helping you collect user generated reviews, photos, and videos that help potential customers learn about your brand, your products, and know what they can expect from your company. Their signature in-mail form lets customers leave reviews from within the body of review requests emails, because of this, Yotpo users generate more product reviews and site reviews than other review solutions generate. Yotpo users typically experience a 30-120% lift in conversion rate when using the customizable widgets on product pages. Yotpo’s tools can integrate with a wide array of social media and ad platforms to maximize your exposure and growth. Yotpo’s basic version is free, while premium features are available at an additional cost. Yotpo is plug and play with BigCommerce, it is easy to use and setup takes only 3 minutes. 



Offer your customizers and more flexible and seamless shipping experience with ShipperHQ. Create shipping discounts, find lower prices for shipping, and prevent customers from abandoning their orders due to shipping related concerns. ShipperHQ can help reduce cart abandonment, lower shipping costs, and offer international shipping; ShipperHQ gives you the power to adjust your shipping and checkout experience to the way you want. You can create shipping rules or restrictions based on what you sell, and offer discounts, surcharges and promotions like free shipping. You can manage over 40 carriers and shipping methods in one place and streamline your ordering and shipping process, and show real-time shipping rates, or define your own rates. ShipperHQ’s BigCommerce app is built to manage shipping requirements that are simple or complex; ShipperHQ is available for merchants of any size with plans starting at $50 per month. BigCommerce Enterprise clients have access to ShipperHQ’s Essentials plan for free. ShipperHQ will save you and your customers time, money, and frustration, increasing brand loyalty and ensuring that your customers have a positive experience at every step of the purchasing process.


Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

The Google shopping app allows you to connect your BigCommerce store to Google, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook and Instagram, and have all your products and services automatically imported into their selling platforms and tools. You can integrate with your Google Ads campaigns and manage your selling and advertising from one powerful tool. Increase traffic and boost sales with this app by building, managing, and optimizing your Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook and Instagram; this will drive more shoppers to your store and increase profitable revenue with advanced tools and features. Expose your products to even more shoppers by expanding to new channels like Snapchat and Buy on Google. Google shopping is free up to 10K SKUs, after that plans start at $20 per month. They also provide 24/7 support so that you can always count on being able to quickly and painlessly solve problems and take your online business to the next level.


Atom 8

Running an online business can often entail an endless array of tasks in order to engage with your customers, solve problems and make sure customers have an enjoyable problem-free experience with your brand. Atom8 can help automate many of those mundane repetitive tasks freeing you and your team up to work on growing your business! Atom8 is the only app that can optimize your BigCommerce store by reorganizing tasks, streamline processes, and feed data to other customer-facing applications like Mailchimp, Klavyo, Sendgrid, and Hubspot, just to name a few. You can automate site content, store postings, marketing emails, and so much more all from one powerful tool; Atom8 moves information between apps within your store, allowing merchants to innovate and create more effective workflows for their businesses. For example, between Mailchimp and a Google Sheet: After every purchase in your BigCommerce store, Atom8 will auto-send and email through Mailchimp to customers, then generate the receiver list on a Google Sheet for tracking and analyzing. Atom8 starts at $49.95 per month. Atom8 puts an end to doing everything manually and frees up your time for more important tasks.



EcoCart is now available to all BigCommerce online stores. You can now offer your customers the option to offset the carbon footprint of their order for a small fee, or cover the charge for them. EcoCart helps you provide your customers with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, while signaling that your brand cares about the environment and wants to do your part. Merchants can pick from a variety of carbon offsetting projects in order to pick one that aligns with their brand. EcoCart is also completely customizable to make your store’s aesthetic. More and more consumers care about how the brands they shop with are helping the environment and they want to see that companies care about more than just profits at all costs. EcoCart can also help you track the impact you and your customers are making and provide you with real time analytics that you can use in your marketing campaigns. EcoCart merchants have seen 19% lifts in cart conversion, with 1 in 10 customers making their order carbon neutral. EcoCart is flexible and allows merchants to decide who pays for the carbon offsetting; whether the merchant does it on behalf of their customers, or empowers their customers to offset when they check out. EcoCart is great for your company, your customers, and for the planet!


Standing out in the ecommerce world is not an easy task. There are thousands of stores all competing for the attention and business of consumers while managing countless other elements of their online presence. BigCommerce provides the tools and ecosystem to thrive in this space, and the apps listed above will help your business stand out from the ground and make a real impact with your customers. Not only that, but EcoCart helps you make a real impact on the planet at the same time!

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