What are EcoPoints?

Here at EcoCart, we think that doing things to save the planet deserves some kind of reward. After all, you’re doing your part to reduce carbon emissions and helping support amazing carbon offsetting projects all over the world. So how exactly do we do that?

Every time you make a purchase using the EcoCart Chrome extension, you earn EcoPoints. For most sites, every $1 that you spend is equal to 10 Eco Points. Sometimes there are multipliers that allow you to earn 2 to 3 times the normal amount of Eco Points with every purchase. These points are stored in your EcoCart account and accumulate as you make purchases over time. As long as you’re logged into your EcoCart account, you’ll be able to track how many points you’ve earned from the EcoCart button in your Chrome browser. You just have to select the leaf button at the bottom of the extension popup, and you can view and track the points you’ve collected, alongside the environmental impact you’ve had while using EcoCart.

Once you’ve accumulated a bunch of points, it’s time to decide how you want to utilize them. You can choose to use your points to support one of the carbon offset projects that EcoCart partners with, or you can even redeem them for an Amazon gift card. The choice is up to you! If you choose to donate your points to a carbon offsetting project, you just select which you want to support and click redeem, EcoCart handles the rest for you. 

As an awesome bonus, every time you earn 5,000 points, EcoCart will plant 10 trees to celebrate your achievement. It won’t deduct any points from you and it happens automatically! That way, regardless of how you utilize your EcoPoints, they are having a positive impact. 

EcoPoints are a great way to either maximize your environmental impact while shopping online, or enjoy a fun reward for doing your part to protect the planet. EcoCart is one of the easiest ways to start reducing your carbon footprint and making a difference around the world. To get started, and start earning EcoPoints, all you have to do is install the EcoCart Chrome extension and start shopping online!

Just click the green button whenever you see it pop up while you’re shopping and EcoCart does the work for you. Your carbon footprint for every order will be offset and you can rest easy knowing that you’re doing your part!