Wildway’s Shopify Store Keeps the Wild, Wild with EcoCart

Wildway was started in 2014 by co-founders Kelli and Kyle when they realized just how far they had strayed from the wild and their love of the outdoors. They wanted to help others connect back to the wild and the natural world by way of food that comes from it.   

Wildway specializes in granola, snack mixes, and hot cereals. Their ingredients are exactly as they are found in nature—there are no additives, preservatives, or added flavors. They have a commitment to avoiding anything in their products that you can’t pronounce. Additionally, Wildway has a variety of sustainable business practices, and offers products that donate 10% to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation. 

Kyle discovered EcoCart and proposed the addition to their Shopify store to his team back in May 2020. The team agreed that EcoCart was on brand and aligned with Wildway’s broader mission of “keeping the wild, wild.” Kyle and his team are continually looking for the latest packaging and technology and EcoCart was an obvious choice for Wildway. 

“We can do things as a company privately, but getting our customers involved is a big initiative for us,” noted Kelli Koehler, co-founder of Wildway. “The button at checkout makes it easy for Wildway customers to utilize EcoCart, they don’t have to jump through hoops since EcoCart is very user-friendly.”   

Wildway is no stranger to sustainability and being environmentally friendly. The company has a focus on quality products and packaging that are not going to contribute to the decline of our shared home. Most granolas aren’t actually that healthy (despite what their marketing may tell you), so Kyle has committed to clean ingredients that are above market quality. 

When it comes to packaging, Wildway utilizes post-consumer recycled plastics, which allows the plastics a second life before they end up in landfills, plus it cuts down on the amount of new plastic being produced. This way they prolong the life of existing plastics, rather than opting for single-use plastics. “We are focused on doing our part with what we can and hoping other companies take notice and join in on making a change that’s more sustainable and lasting,” Kelli explained. 

Since implementation, Wildway customers have helped offset 55.5 Tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of almost 10,000 trees. About 10%  of their orders have been shipped with EcoCart, reducing their carbon footprint and helping customers feel good about their purchases.  

Adding EcoCart has just been one step towards a healthier planet for Wildway’s brand. They are constantly working to better their business, by establishing direct relationships with farmers and only working with growers and importers committed to fair-trade and sustainable farming practices. Kelli sums it up nicely: “we started to realize that the way we lived, the way we ate, and the way we saw the world were all getting further and further away from how nature truly intended things be, and our company is here to change that.” 

Check out Wildway’s delicious, sustainable goods at wildwayoflife.com and remember to make your order carbon neutral at checkout! 

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