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Letter from the founders

EcoCart is on a mission to make the fight against climate change easy and accessible so that everyone can do their part. We built this browser extension for you to play a role in our fight against climate change. We built this browser extension because we, as consumers, wanted this to exist in the world. Before you “read” our privacy policy, we think it’s important to hear directly from us on how we think about privacy and your data.

First and foremost, we do not sell your personal information. Ever.

EcoCart works to make your online orders carbon neutral. We do this by partnering with brands and merchants so that whenever you use EcoCart while shopping with them, we earn a small commission, then buy carbon offsets on your behalf. We also pass along a portion of the commission to you in the form of EcoPoints, which you can use to redeem Earth-saving rewards such as planting trees or clean water to families in need. Or you can use your EcoPoints just like cash and redeem them for gift cards to your favorite stores.

The rest of the commission we keep for salaries for our team, server costs, and just to keep the lights on. That’s how we make money. Not by selling your data – ever. 

Our stance on privacy is simple: We don’t collect any personal information other than what is absolutely necessary for the calculation of your order’s carbon footprint. 

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at

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