What are EcoPoints?

EcoPoints are what make up the free EcoCart rewards system. You earn EcoPoints every time you make your order carbon neutral with EcoCart that you can redeem for earth-saving rewards like planting trees or giving clean water to families. OR you can use your EcoPoints just like cash, and redeem them for gift cards at your favorite stores!

You’ll often see EcoPoints multipliers next to stores that indicate you’ll earn 2x or 3x the typical amount of EcoPoints when shopping at that store. Without an EcoPoints multiplier, $1 spent = 10 EcoPoints. 

After you click the “make my order carbon neutral” button while shopping at your favorite stores, we determine the carbon emissions of your unique order and give you a notification that tells you the lbs of CO2 you will offset with your order and the number of EcoPoints you’ll receive. 

You can then see Your Balance of EcoPoints in the Account tab of your browser extension and redeem your EcoPoints for eco-rewards or gift cards (Note: it could take a few hours for your EcoPoint balance to be updated). Once you have enough EcoPoints, select your reward, click redeem, and an email will be sent to you with information about the project you’re contributing to or your e-gift card. 

As a bonus, EcoCart also automatically plants 10 trees for each 500 EcoPoints you earn! You can see your progress towards this automatic reward in the Your Rewards section of the account tab, or in the little donut on the bottom right of the extension. 

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